Support services policy

  1. Hours of Support
    Standard: 9.00am – 5.00pm, AEST (GMT + 10).
  2. Level 1 Support Services
    2.1 Level 1 support provides basic support and troubleshooting, and escalating to level 2 when needed.
    2.2 Outfit users can access support content at and within the Outfit software (in-app support) at anytime.
    2.3 Support tickets can be logged by all users via web, email or phone:
    (Web) (in app support);
    (Email); or
    (Phone) +617 3014 0355.
  3. Level 2 Support Services
    3.1 Level 2 support provides Strategic Account Management, User Onboarding & Training, Template Design & Quality Assurance and Software Adaptation services.
    3.2 Level 2 support services hours will be logged and reported to the customer representative on a monthly basis.
  4. Target Response Times
    4.1 Level 1 Support (frontline support for basic user issues) requests within 12 hours.
    4.2 Level 2 Support (technical support not requiring back-end expertise) requests within two Business Days.
  5. Target Application Availability
    We endeavour (but do not guarantee) to keep our applications online 24x7x365 with an uptime of 99.95%, including during deployment of bug fixes and new features. However, in rare circumstances, we may need to take our applications down for upgrades, maintenance and updates. Whenever possible we will provide advance warning of downtime.
  6. Backups
    Please refer to our Backup Policy here.
  7. Monitoring
    Our target is to proactively monitor the availability of our SaaS application 24 x 7 x 365.
  8. Software Maintenance
    8.1 All Authorised users of our SaaS application are kept on the latest released versions of our software.
    8.2 We endeavour to fix bugs that are reported. New features and improvements to existing features are added from time to time to benefit our customers.
    8.3 Feature development is at the discretion of Outfit, however, customers are invited to request features via level 3 support from our Account Management team.
  9. SaaS Support Exclusions
    9.1 Troubleshooting issues with customer premises equipment
    9.2 Support for third-party systems, including systems integrated with the Software except to the extent integrations have been designed by the Supplier.

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