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Name Tag Templates

Create professional branded name tag templates in Outfit for events and visitors and everything in between. Create multiple themes and fields and empower anyone in the organisation to produce their own suite of name tags on demand or via spreadsheet import.

Want to make it even more foolproof? Add hints to ensure the right template is printed on the right sheet every time.

Name Tag Sizes

Recommended name tag size.

Spec TableBrochure Sizes
Size 176 x 102mm (3 x 4")


102 x 76mm (4 x 3")


102 x 76mm (4 x 3")

Expert Advice


Create on brand name tags with speed by using our spreadsheet input which allows users to upload a CSV file with data such as first name, last name & company.

Alex Walker - Director of Sales
The beauty of Outfit is that it actually allows people to self-serve easily, and create their own marketing materials without us needing to worry it’ll be off brand. This allows our team to focus on the strategic side of marketing and communications.

Rebecca Richardson — Marketing Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications Office, Durham University

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Name Tag Template FAQs