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Newsletter Templates

Empower departments within your organisation to be proactive with their communication, all without stretching the budget. Outfit newsletter templates provide flexibility within the confines of your brand guidelines so that anyone can create a professional newsletter and iterate over and over without the need for bespoke design costs.

Newsletter Sizes

Recommended printed newsletter sizes.

Spec TableNewsletter Sizes
A4210 x 297mm
A5148 x 210mm


Expert Advice


Create render-tested, HTML-built, newsletters in minutes by leveraging our Newsletter Template. Featuring drag and drop functionality for easy content reordering, and baked-in brand compliance, streamline your comms today.

Thauan Zatta - DevOps Engineer

The beauty of Outfit is that it actually allows people to self-serve easily, and create their own marketing materials without us needing to worry it’ll be off brand. This allows our team to focus on the strategic side of marketing and communications.

Rebecca Richardson — Marketing Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications Office, Durham University

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