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Voucher Templates

If part of your organisation’s ongoing engagement strategy includes vouchers, then there’s a portion of an internal Graphic Designer’s time that is tied to new creative for not just the voucher, but also branded creative for multiple platforms. With Outfit’s branded voucher templates, illustrative elements, approved colours, photography and fonts can be used by anyone in the business to generate a voucher and a suite of on-brand social tiles that can be personalised and published in a matter of minutes.

Voucher Sizes

Recommended voucher sizes.

Spec TableVoucher Sizes
Size 155 x 90mm
Size 2148 x 105mm
Voucher template example

55 x 90mm Voucher

Voucher template example

148 x 105mm Voucher Card

Expert Advice


Vouchers can be localised at speed with Outfit by incorporating the team and user data feature. This feature enables users to auto-populate information such as their franchise name, contact number and location, which eliminates the manual work that may ordinarily be required. Clients tend to enable an approval workflow on the voucher before it can be exported to prevent users from creating collateral in breach of company policies.

Taryn Carlton - Customer Success Team Lead - APAC

Gift Card Templates

Recommended gift card sizes.

Spec TableGift Card Sizes
Size 185 x 54mm (3.38 x 2.13")

1920 x 1080px

Rewards Cards Template

Recommended rewards card sizes.

Spec TableRewards Cards Sizes
Size 191 x 55mm
Franchisees who previously never executed local marketing are creating collateral easily within Outfit; strengthening their business, building community presence, driving sales and all whilst protecting the Bakers Delight brand.

Elise Cittadini — Local Marketing Manager, Bakers Delight

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