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Youtube Templates

Create flexible Youtube Advertising templates that allow your network to roll out localised campaign creative at speed without compromising on brand. Scalable branded templates can contain themes, seasonal or campaign-related messaging and with the Outfit Asset Library, even imagery is on-brand.

Outfit houses all Youtube ad sizes for intro and outro placement and as Youtube’s ad size catalogue grows and evolves, so does your organisation’s range of templates and opportunities for promotion. Empower your organisation to share at scale like never before, using on-brand design and Outfit.

YouTube Channel Sizes

Size recommendations to customise your YouTube channel's branding.

Spec TableYoutube Channel Sizes
Banner Image2560 x 1140px
Profile Picture98 x 98px
Video watermark150 x 150px

Profile Picture




2560 x 1140px Banner Image

Expert Advice


Social assets for channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat, Tumblr & LinkedIn can be edited at the same time seamlessly using Outfit. This means users have the ability to customise task or campaign specific copy and imagery simultaneously across multiple media types in a matter of minutes.

We suggest creating social templates that allow for substantial customisation, all which can be locked down by the administrators of the account, where needed.

Bec Purcell - Customer Onboarding Manager

The beauty of Outfit is that it actually allows people to self-serve easily, and create their own marketing materials without us needing to worry it’ll be off brand. This allows our team to focus on the strategic side of marketing and communications.

Rebecca Richardson — Marketing Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications Office, Durham University

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