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Your Role

Marketing production automation for your team. Outfit delivers results across the whole organisation.

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Your teams can use marketing production to amplify the power of your brand.


Streamline processes and create efficiency in marketing teams

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Tailor for the individual without individually tailoring content

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Graphic design

Free design teams time with self-service solutions

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Guaranteed consistency for brand custodians

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Quickly build on-brand collateral and proposals

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Create on-brand local area marketing with ease

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There are core roles within an organisation who benefit from the ease, speed and scale of Outfit.

These roles could be your marketing, communications and brand teams or it could be your external stakeholders like salespeople and franchisees.

More deliberate marketing

Your marketing team are specialists, creating and placing content in the right channels to deliver results. Your graphic design team produce this content and are stretched to deliver the volume required in the time frame. Outfit puts the power of creation in the hands of your marketing team. The intuitive platform makes it easy to build your content, always on-brand in a matter of minutes so you can make time for more deliberate marketing, less churn and burn.


Communications without the delay

Your communications team have fast turnarounds and looming deadlines. Empower them with the ease of creating content through Outfit without making graphic design requests. Eliminate the waste and frustration of long build times and data movement. Allow them to use complex data sets to automate personalised content creation.


Set your graphic design team free

Your graphic design team run full tilt at their never-ending list of campaign and design work. The problem is that resizing, tweaking headlines and using the correct logos don’t set anyone’s heart racing. Outfit take the low-level design tasks entirely off your design team’s plate. Instead, your stakeholders can self-service inside the platform, freeing your designers to do more of what matters.


Brand custodians can sleep soundly

Managing a brand can be fraught with tension - seeing the wrong logo used, or stretched; seeing colours misused; reading the wrong messages and calls to action. It is a brave person who is the custodian of a brand. Outfit allows you to execute with the confidence that comes from standardisation. Your brand guidelines are fixed inside Outfit and, you have approval sign-off.


Empower your sales team

Your sales team need quick-turnaround collateral to drive leads and close sales. Traditionally they have created their collateral, and the brand used, well, a little loosely. Outfit allows your sale teams to self-service, building on-brand collateral and proposals.


Ensure your franchisees are always on-brand

The best franchisees are those investing in local area marketing, often needing to move quickly to capitalise on promotional opportunities. Outfit works with franchisees to put on-brand collateral creation in their hands, removing lengthy turnaround times and increasing compliance.

Strengthen brand integrity

Every piece of collateral, on-brand, on time and at scale


Faster to market, again and again

More campaigns launched, with ease of iteration


Reduce production costs

Hours of time saved across the organisation without needing to outsource production


Maximise your existing data

Eliminate the waste and frustration of long build times and data movement


Empower teams

Empower the whole organisation to create on-brand content

Reduce risk

Your brand in safe hands with approval workflows, clear templates and an audit trail