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Video Automation

Data driven. Personalised. Dynamic.

Automated video generation connects the audiences you need to reach, with animated media that engages - leveraging your brand.

Video content dramatically increases impressions, click-through, recall, and engagement across all viewer platforms (web, interactive, in-person and broadcast).

Outfit’s answer to video is a scalable and application-driven solution.

  1. Request a video from where your data lives.
  2. Generate using a dynamic, templated scene for multiple outcomes
  3. Render to various video media formats supported by your intended destination.
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Outfit supports MP4, webM and numerous other encoding settings including animated GIF

Produce video at scale
  • Dynamically generate 1,000’s of videos concurrently from your CRM, CMS, or custom application.
  • Localise using content from your translation server, pricing from your PIM, and imagery from your DAM.
  • Generate videos on the fly for landing pages, personalised for the current viewer, offer, campaign and more.

Use cases include:

  • Animated visualisation of live data
  • Personalised sequences of content as an animation
  • Relevant and localised information in video formats for video platforms
  • Social media video automation
  • Digital signage production and consolidation
  • Mobile application advertising and user engagement.