Outfit & Widen

Create consistency and scale in a few clicks by accessing your assets stored in Widen’s digital asset management (DAM) platform, the Widen Collective®, directly from within Outfit.


The Widen Collective acts as a single source of truth for all branded assets. 

The integration enables these on-brand assets to be pulled directly into Outfit’s advanced dynamic templates, creating consistency and scale in a few clicks. This means brand teams can ensure content being produced by all users meets brand guidelines and the imagery being used from the Collective is in-date. It also means users don’t have to go searching, downloading and uploading images — direct access to the DAM system saves time and stress!

Push, Pull and Plug-in


With the integration enabled, customers can access Collective assets within Outfit.

Asset metadata including: name, file type, size, owner, description, and keywords is displayed.

Assets and information in Outfit update as changes are made in the Collective — if an asset is removed or expired in the DAM platform, users can’t access it in Outfit.


Account Admins have complete control over when and how an asset can be used, and by whom. They can be made accessible to all team members or, assets can be segmented to certain teams or templates.

Templates pull in the imagery directly from the Collective, ensuring imagery and brand elements are on-brand, everytime.


An API content access code links the Widen to Outfit. Once connected, all assets within the DAM system can be displayed or just a select set of folders. No matter the choice, the Widen Collective remains the central source of truth.

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