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Ensure Brand Control university-wide

Central Marketing teams and Brand Managers have total peace of mind knowing that everything created by faculties and partners in Outfit is on brand, automatically customised to the individual faculty and region, and safeguarded by our responsive, restraints based templates.

Empower Faculty teams

Outfit empowers faculty teams, central teams and university affiliates to produce more quality, on brand marketing materials. By working with pre-approved branded templates, faculties no longer need to seek approval from Central Marketing, giving teams more autonomy when producing their marketing material.

“I’m now able to take full advantage of our digital screen network around our campus. I can create my layout in Outfit and have it distributed across the campus in a matter of minutes. Central feels confident that my designs are on brand and I am more proactive in my role.”
Sarah Powell – Internal Communication Coordinator, QUT

Bulletproof, yet flexible

Nicole Chapman
Science and Engineering.

Using Faculty details (ie. local area details and contact details),
allow your Faculty members to automatically customise each piece of
collateral before they even start editing.

Hector Holland
Health Sciences.

Put every approved template right at the faculty member's fingertips, and allow them to customise and personalise their marketing suite within the bounds of your brand guidelines. This means that all collateral exported from Outfit is guaranteed to be on brand.

Eliminate Design Bottlenecks

Outfit allows the many stakeholders in a University structure to create their own marketing materials by eliminating the design bottlenecks. With Outfit, the requests sent to central marketing are reduced, thus freeing up the Central team to do what it does best - create new, engaging and creative campaigns. This means no more wasted time on ongoing tweaks and approvals; an agile streamlined workflow

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