Outfit for Real Estate

Whether commercial, residential or industrial, it’s a universal truth that the real estate sector is fast-moving and highly reactive. Yet so much of the way property marketing collateral is produced is still very manual.

Support Agents

With Outfit, create efficiencies in the production of tedious, bulk jobs to allow creative teams to spend more energy on bespoke projects for big-ticket properties.

Craft comprehensive suites of easy to use, customisable materials allowing Agents to self service and reskin for every new property.

Run smarter, better targeted campaigns by streamlining all your digital and print material with Outfit templates. Make it easier and faster for agents to create everything from flyers to eDM’s with consistent imagery and messaging.

Create an Ecosystem of Platforms that work together

Integrate with a range of reputable property databases like Pricefinder to cut time spent on creation of high-volumes of print and digital material. Ensure property information is accurate and material is personalised and on-brand.

The result is polished marketing material that is more meaningful and allows Agents to back up engaging conversations with compelling and personalised collateral.

Once you’ve created your intelligent marketing collateral, integrate with your chosen marketing software to seamlessly distribute material and use analytics to hone your messaging for future campaigns.

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Ensure Absolute Brand Consistency

For a centralised marketing team, allowing Agents to self-service can feel daunting. With Outfit, we absorb your detailed brand guidelines and provide your network of users a repository of approved imagery to be used in structured and locked-down templates.

This both eliminates much of the time spent on monotonous design tasks for the creative team and increases the speed with which agents can promote a new property listing.

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