Outfit’s Customisable Name Badge Templates

Outfit makes it easy to customise, bulk upload details and export your own branded name badges for your next event. Our templates suit a range of standard adhesive and perforated name badge sizes.

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No more individually type setting and re-adjusting every single name badge. With Outfit just upload your CSV and our template will automatically adjust to the length of the name keeping the layout consistent. Plus - generate additional elements like individual QR codes, backgrounds and more!

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By unlocking the full potential of Outfit you can take advantage of a suite of templates, with your branding already populated to ensure that you never stray from the style guide and you don’t waste precious time trying to recreate already existing templates.

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Dynamic, Customisable Name Badges - Simple and Efficient Brand Automation and Governance

One of the more frustrating and time consuming tasks for an event coordinator is customising a full suite of event collateral from scratch, not to mention last minute changes to attendee lists. With Outfit, you can create all your event collateral super fast. Plus keep up to date with last minute changes through the CSV upload feature.

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Name Badges, Fully Personalised!

Personalise every element of a name badge without adding more production time. Personalise a quote, a QR code, or even their location easily.

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Free Name Badge Templates!

To help you get started we have included a few name badge templates in every new trial account, to save you even more time, plus a bunch of other event collateral to help you launch your next event.

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Not sure if Outfit is for you? The best way to get to know the platform is through our free trial. Explore what it’s like to have a fully functioning brand automation platform with features that include approval workflows, multi-editing of similar documents, a user-friendly document WYSISWG editor and a central asset library to name a few.

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