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Quickly and easily create responsive HTML eDM’s using on-brand templates in minutes. Add content and imagery in a controlled environment, keep the section types you want and discard the ones you don’t.

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Design & Create Effective eDM’s with Outfit

Create one and you’re done. Outfit allows you to easily produce creative for all your email campaigns, all with our world class web app. Quickly duplicate and customise them for every campaign variation to ensure you save time and keep your communication polished an on-brand.

With Outfit your team will be able to quickly and easily create digital assets that are on brand every time. Reduce time wasted on creating briefs and requesting multiple changes by using brand aligned templates, without having to bother your brand team. With all your assets in the one place, Outfit makes it easy to create campaign suites, fast!

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Dynamic, Customisable eDM’s - Simple and Efficient Brand Automation and Governance

One of the more frustrating and time consuming tasks for a content producer is the multiple back and forth between graphic designers and marketers to create a finished eDM. With Outfit, your entire team can collaborate on your eDM in real time and rest assured the final product will be professional and on-brand. With Outfit you can automatically generate multiple responsive eDM variations from a single base template.

By unlocking the full potential of Outfit you can take advantage of a suite of templates, superimposed with your corporate branding to ensure that you never go off brand and you don’t waste precious time you could be spending on brainstorming new campaign ideas.

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By using our free tool you will get 30 days uninhibited access to the full features of Outfit. Explore what it’s like to have a fully functioning brand automation platform with features that include multi edit mode, dedicated brand area full approval workflows teams functionality, template library asset management, user reporting, activity feed, version history and more.

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Free Responsive eDM Templates

To help you get started we have included a generous helping of customisable eDM templates, to save you even more time. Otherwise you can easily import designs you’ve already created in Adobe Creative Cloud. Start your 30 day free trial and you could be designing responsive eDM’s and more fast!

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