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Meet the team

Meet the person behind the name

Alex Walker

Enterprise Sales Manager

With a background across enterprise sales in digital and influencer marketing and marketing technology, Alex has also developed marketing strategies with some of the largest brands in Australia. His deep understanding of the market is complemented by his commitment to providing his accounts with the right solution. We are pleased to have him as part of our team, for his love of his dog Rufus and his ability to sing answers to questions.

Steve Rose

Template Developer

Steve is a motion designer and developer with a passion for UX. Steve's background is in interactive and visual design and he is passionate about ensuring he is always learning - especially when it comes to web technologies. His wide range of skills in motion and design have made Steve an excellent multitasker and his positive energy and can-do attitude are an infectious part of the Outfit office vibe.

Laura Stewart

Customer Success Manager

A fresh and cheery face in the Customer Success team, Laura's background in real estate and a range of customer-centric roles makes her a great asset in building relationships. Her zest for the pace of start-up means she's always on the go and when she's not killing it for her clients, Laura is in nature, enjoying a cold one or travelling.

Bec Purcell

Customer Success Manager

Our resident Pilates guru, Bec is one of Outfit's gun Customer Success Managers with a heavy customer relationship background in the B2B SaaS space, where her specialties include digital account management, project management and content creation. Bec's also a budding Masterchef with a crazy cocker spaniel sidekick.

Aman Kang

Senior Developer

Aman is one of our Senior Developers at Outfit with over 11 years in IT, a passion for micro-services and fluency in Ruby, AWS, MySQL, Redshift, Kinesis, RabbitMQ and S3. Outside the office, Aman is a family man, beach connoisseur and movie buff.

Thomas Doyle

Product Owner

Thomas' extensive experience as a Business Analyst positions him brilliantly within Outfit to lead the conversation around the platform and how we can continue to strengthen our offering for our customers. His commitment to the product sees us continuously moving into new spaces. In his spare time Tom eats a lot of chicken and double coat Tim Tams.

Arda Mohamed

Customer Success Manager

Arda is our Customer Success Manager based out of Los Angeles. Arda has a wide range of knowledge and skills that she brings to Outfit. She is a SaaS startup veteran and brings 10 years of experience in client relationship management on SMB and enterprise level.  In Arda’s spare time, you can find her outdoors enjoying nature, hiking, camping, or practicing yoga. 

Josh Tregenza

Customer Delivery Manager

Outfit’s resident Cowboy, Josh brings clients along for the successful ride, rather than a rodeo of calamity. He thrives when tackling the big problems and complex systems, nurturing them into logical processes and efficient products. A skilled designer and developer in his own right, Josh is an advocate for design systems and mentoring. Be prepared for multiple layers of denim when you are face to face with Josh.

Matthew Puku

Junior Developer

Just a small-town developer, Matt is a support in every aspect of the development team's daily operations who is constantly learning on his feet! Lighthearted, bookish and musical, Matt adds to the youthful and upbeat energy of the engine of Outfit!

Hayley Crudgington

Customer Success Manager

Hayley's background is in marketing roles across a range of industries, making her extremely empathetic of the types of pain her clients go through every day. Along with her experience in managing customer relationships, especially in SaaS companies, Hayley is driven to ensure her clients get the best outcomes possible! She spends her free time playing netball, trying to keep her plants alive and looking after her dog Jordi.

Ben Simpson

Template Developer

Ben is a front end developer with a passion for design and creating strong customer relationships. Having taught himself to code using online resources, he has parlayed that initiative and skill into successful roles at other SaaS companies. Ben is a mad keen traveller, hitting 20 countries so far (!) and is heading to Hong Kong for the first time this year.

Thomas Deneux

Software Development Team Leader

TD's extensive experience, working as a fullstack software developer, product manager and a technical product manager, supports his education including a Bachelor and Master in Computer Sciences. TD brings his brilliance to Outfit through his superior knowledge of team leadership, software architecture, agile product management and product strategy. Fluent in English and French, we are delighted to have his bi-lingual talents and his love of food leading our software dev team.

Peter Hill

Pre-Sales Project Manager

Our Pre-Sales Project Manager within the Product team, Peter has spent much of his early life living and working around the world in London and Zambia before settling in sunny Queensland. Peter's background in start-up in roles like Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Solutions Architect and Product Manager combined with his passion for working with clients and delivering functional software make him an asset to Outfit's technical and customer-facing teams. In his spare time, Peter can be found soaking in the outdoors camping, surfing or at the archery range.

Bek Agius

QA Coordinator

Bek’s background in marketing and design ensures she understands the strengths and opportunities of marketing and brand teams. Her detailed understanding of university, real estate and franchise allow her to achieve the best outcomes for clients. Uncovering the real challenges for brand teams makes Bek an asset in any conversation. Her dry sense of humour and general enthusiasm make her uber fun to be around.

Lyndon Moore

Remote Team Lead/Developer

Lyndon’s experience as a web and interface developer is matched with his customer-first philosophy. His expertise supports Outfit’s feature development, client onboarding and ongoing design development services. Talented in HTML, CSS, JS, and C#, on a daily basis Lyndon continues to amaze us with his collection of t-shirts and sneakers.

Matt Magin

Template Developer

Matt is driven by the belief that a product should be functional while also being beautiful. He is experienced in web design principles (HTML, CSS, JS) and sadly (his word) really good at PHP. Matt is a total video game and technology nerd and proud of it. He is working on turning an Original Xbox Console into a gaming PC for a little entertainment and challenge on the side.

Alicia Blazey

Operations Manager

Alicia's role as our Operations Manager is the exciting pieces of the puzzle like policies and planning and overseeing day-to-day operations. We are pleased to have someone who gets excited about this so we can continue to deliver brilliant brand production frameworks for our clients! When not crafting policies, Alicia likes a good book, a good gin and a good shop.

Paulo Castro

Senior Developer

Paulo’s extensive experience in solution architecture, relationship development and delivery of enterprise software solutions ensures our clients have the advantage of his strategic expertise when implementing Outfit. His ability to work with diverse client delivery teams from marketing to IT to C-suite complements his strengths in development and implementation. Paulo is always keen for a spot of fishing, and shark fishing at that!

Harry Charlesworth

Enterprise Sales Executive

Currently studying marketing, Harry's experience in customer service ensures his focus on the real need of the customer while he learns the enterprise engagement process. A devotee of craft beer, he loves a surf when he gets home to the Sunshine Coast.

John Craig

Head of Sales and Partnerships

John is an accomplished senior executive with 15+ years experience in business initiation, growth planning, enterprise sales, product design and development and customer success. John has successfully delivered digital transformation and brand automation initiatives across some of the largest brands in Australia and the United States to drive productivity, revenue and growth. JC is super fast on his giphy game and is happy to talk big for his NFL Fantasy team.

Anh Nguyen

Senior Developer

Anh is our wizard for all things React, Rails, Node.js, TypeScript, Go, GraphQL, Serverless and AWS. Anh has worked in and around Outfit since 2015, adding a depth of knowledge to our development team that can only be achieved through years of watching technology grow and change. Anh is also a breath of fresh air in the Outfit office and tears it up on the ping ping table.

Nikhila Kalva

Template Developer

Nikhila has a wealth of experience working in product development and brings important knowledge to our team. She has a passion for learning new skills and always strives for creating resilient and efficient solutions for our customers. In her spare time, she's a hard working Mum who loves a game of basketball.

Bridie Easton

Head of Customer Experience

Bridie is a marketing and communications professional with experience in entertainment, technology and start-up environments. Her strategic and creative thinking ensures she is adept at influencing and working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver a successful business outcome. Bridie has a natural ability in crafting client-centred processes and makes the experience genuinely delightful. Bridie is our resident process and clean queen and her baking skills are next level.

Jordan Gardiner

Front End Designer / Developer

Jordan is a designer/developer unicorn, having talents in both spheres. With over a decade of web development know-how, but also with a firing passion for design systems and branding, he’s got your back when it comes to delivering great stuff for your brand. Jordan openly admits to being both a coffee snob and a proud cat dad.

Farhaan Essof

Template Developer

The Werther's loving sweet-tooth of the Delivery Team is Farhaan! Farhaan's passion for great design and functionality, paired with his curiosity for constantly pushing the code further make him a strong asset in helping clients innovate the way they think about their brand every day while creating efficiencies when using the platform.

Liam McKernan

Template Developer

Liam is a visual designer with a background in graphics, UI/UX and web design. His background in music and being in a touring band (as a drummer) led to a keen interest in the user experience and user-centred design processes - from observing user (the audience) needs, to planning and implementing solutions.

James Lee

Product Design

James’ experience in design and front-end development produces successful brand and web-based solutions for clients. His skills in HTML, CSS and JS are supported by his focus on systematising brands to increase brand equity, ensuring our clients’ production is scalable.

Ally Eastman


Ally studied web design and is passionate about great design, UX, effective and reusable code. Having worked in SaaS previously, Ally's willingness to learn new coding languages and her attention to detail have quickly made her a go-to resource for our templating. She is a weight-lifting dancer (hopefully not at the same time!) with much love for her two cats.

Andi Stewart

Senior Customer Success Manager

Experienced in SaaS, Andi’s depth of experience in customer support and training ensures he delivers a successful and tailored customer success program. His work at Outfit builds on his experience developing training for large and complex organisations and his customer focus is complemented by his energy and enthusiasm for his customers to achieve success. Andi's ability to quote Mean Girls is matched by Bek's, so sitting next to one another is ideal.

Christopher Brown

Enterprise Sales Manager - North America

Christopher is an experienced business development executive with a background in new market development, enterprise sales, and building and managing effective sales and marketing teams. He has worked with some of the largest global brands and early stage companies to deliver marketing technology that suits their specific needs. Based in Portland, Oregon he enjoys backpacking, skiing and of course, coffee.

Bruce Stronge


Bruce has built several successful businesses, but Outfit is his baby. After gaining experience in software product design and stumbling on the massive need in the market for enterprise brand automation, Bruce founded Outfit in 2014. His belief in ethical and transparent business, open communication, risk taking and loving what you do, empowers the Outfit team to forge into the unknown. His love of Land Rovers (old school, of course) means we are all highly attuned to them and take photos as evidence.

Thauan Zatta

Full-Stack Developer

Focused on performance, scalability and availability, Thauan brings experience to Outfit across the development of backend systems, APIs and full web applications. His expertise has seen Outfit integrate with key marketing technology platforms including Salesforce and Marketo. Thauan never says no to new opportunities whether that is NFL Fantasy League or eating food that little too spicy for him.

Ashley Angell

Senior Developer

Ash is our gun Ruby developer with time as a co-founder of his own Australian Top 50 ranked tech startup under his belt. When he isn't strategising or building improvements with the Outfit Tech team, Ash is gaming or reminding his kids that everything worth knowing in life can be learned from either Star Trek or Star Wars.

Erin Armstrong

Customer Success Manager

Erin's background in IT implementation and project management means she is a natural at helping clients get to the root of problems and then, naturally, solve them. Having lived and worked in 4 different countries (US, Spain, Germany, England) she is an excellent addition to the Outfit team as our first UK hire. Originally from midwestern US, Erin balances her love of spreadsheets and organisation with her commitment to sparkles, animal print and pink.

Taryn Carlton

Senior Customer Success Manager

Taryn's background in account management and marketing, specifically digital marketing, translate smoothly to the world of Outfit and supporting our customers to achieve success. Outside the office, Taryn is teaching herself to code, is a little bit animal-obsessed and does acknowledge a mild shopping problem!

Blake Davies

Customer Support Manager

Blake is our Customer Support extraordinaire, providing support to our customers and our internal team. Responsive, motivated and taking pleasure in a process well done, Blake makes a direct and positive impact to the customer experience. His superpowers outside work are his mad table tennis skills and his competitive Pokemon spirit.

Juan Valdovinos

Enterprise Sales Manager - North America

Juan is a seasoned business development professional with a background in enterprise SaaS and technical recruitment. He enjoys the curious nature of sales, and in his experience he has helped identify and solve problems for well-known Fortune 5000 companies in the US. Juan carves it up on the football field and the hiking the trails of LA and is a connoisseur of spicy food, and craft beer.

Ash Ivory

Head of Product

With a design background, Ash brings invaluable experience to shape the product side of Outfit, particularly through her in-depth knowledge of user needs and future brand trends. She has automated brands for market-leading companies across Australia and has an intimate knowledge of the martech landscape and the challenges delivery teams are facing. Ash's love of grey and her Triumph Street Scrambler are renowned.

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