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John Craig

Head of Sales and Partnerships

John is an accomplished senior executive with 15+ years experience in business initiation, growth planning, enterprise sales, product design and development and customer success. John has successfully delivered digital transformation and brand automation initiatives across some of the largest brands in Australia and the United States to drive productivity, revenue and growth. JC is super fast on his giphy game and is happy to talk big for his NFL Fantasy team.

Leanne Davis

Office Manager

Leanne's extensive experience in office management and accounts helps keep us Outfitters on track. Currently studying her Bachelor of Business, nothing is left to chance with her attention to detail, proactive management and high quality service. Outside work she is a full-time basketball mum to two teenage boys and understands the power of a statement necklace.

Taryn Carlton

Customer Success Manager

Taryn's background in account management and marketing, specifically digital marketing, translate smoothly to the world of Outfit and supporting our customers to achieve success. Outside the office, Taryn is teaching herself to code, is a little bit animal-obsessed and does acknowledge a mild shopping problem!

Erin Armstrong

Customer Success Manager

Erin's background in IT implementation and project management means she is a natural at helping clients get to the root of problems and then, naturally, solve them. Having lived and worked in 4 different countries (US, Spain, Germany, England) she is an excellent addition to the Outfit team as our first UK hire. Originally from midwestern US, Erin balances her love of spreadsheets and organisation with her commitment to sparkles, animal print and pink.

Matt Magin

Template Developer

Matt is driven by the belief that a product should be functional while also being beautiful. He is experienced in web design principles (HTML, CSS, JS) and sadly (his word) really good at PHP. Matt is a total video game and technology nerd and proud of it. He is working on turning an Original Xbox Console into a gaming PC for a little entertainment and challenge on the side.

Paulo Castro

Head of Technology

Paulo’s extensive experience in solution architecture, relationship development and delivery of enterprise software solutions ensures our clients have the advantage of his strategic expertise when implementing Outfit. His ability to work with diverse client delivery teams from marketing to IT to C-suite complements his strengths in development leadership and implementation. Paulo is always keen for a spot of fishing, and shark fishing at that!

Bridie Easton

Head of Customer Success

Bridie is a marketing and communications professional with experience in entertainment, technology and start-up environments. Her strategic and creative thinking ensures she is adept at influencing and working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver a successful business outcome. Bridie has a natural ability in crafting client-centred processes and makes the experience genuinely delightful. Bridie is our resident process and clean queen and her baking skills are next level.

Andi Stewart

Customer Success Manager

Experienced in SaaS, Andi’s depth of experience in customer support and training ensures he delivers a successful and tailored customer success program. His work at Outfit builds on his experience developing training for large and complex organisations and his customer focus is complemented by his energy and enthusiasm for his customers to achieve success. Andi's ability to quote Mean Girls is matched by Bek's, so sitting next to one another is ideal.

Thauan Zatta

Full-Stack Developer

Focused on performance, scalability and availability, Thauan brings experience to Outfit across the development of backend systems, APIs and full web applications. His expertise has seen Outfit integrate with key marketing technology platforms including Salesforce and Marketo. Thauan never says no to new opportunities whether that is NFL Fantasy League or eating food that little too spicy for him.

Bek Agius

Customer Success Manager

Bek’s background in marketing and communications ensures she understands the strengths and opportunities of marketing and brand teams. Her detailed understanding of university, real estate and franchise allow her to achieve the best outcomes for clients. Uncovering the real challenges for brand teams makes Bek an asset in any conversation. Her sweet snickerdoodles, dry sense of humour and general enthusiasm make her uber fun to be around.

Buu Le

Full-Stack Developer

Buu’s role as a software developer covers all aspects of software development. From the initial analysis of business and technical requirements, designing technical architecture that meets those requirements through to developing, launching and operating complex applications, Buu’s experience in large scale software systems is invaluable. Buu's epic late night coding sessions and ping-pong skills make him an invaluable Outfitter.

Josh Tregenza

Customer Delivery Manager

Outfit’s resident Cowboy, Josh brings clients along for the successful ride, rather than a rodeo of calamity. He thrives when tackling the big problems and complex systems, nurturing them into logical processes and efficient products. A skilled designer and developer in his own right, Josh is an advocate for design systems and mentoring. Be prepared for multiple layers of denim when you are face to face with Josh.

Georgie White

Business Development Representative

Georgie's natural intelligence and enthusiasm ensure she delivers customer-focused solutions with excellent attention to detail. Georgie ably supports our sales and partnership team and takes the time to deeply understand the needs of our potential customers to present the right solution to them. We salute her for dressing up as Kung Fu Panda at our Halloween event and showing us how it is done.

Kent McGuire

Business Development Manager

A consummate sales and senior relationship management executive with over 15 years of sales experience in strategic account management, enterprise solutions and product development covering the world's largest investment banks and firms.  Kent is passionate about the importance of close collaboration between sales and product development, believing it results in products and services that create higher benefits and returns for our clients.

Lyndon Moore

Product Designer

Lyndon’s experience as a web and interface developer is matched with his customer-first philosophy. His expertise supports Outfit’s feature development, client onboarding and ongoing design development services. Talented in HTML, CSS, JS, and C#, on a daily basis Lyndon continues to amaze us with his collection of t-shirts and sneakers.

Bruce Stronge


Bruce has built several successful businesses since 2004, including Brisbane’s leading software consultancy NetEngine. With 10 years’ experience in software product design, enterprise sales and business growth, Bruce founded Outfit in 2015. His belief in ethical and transparent business, open communication, software and data empowers the Outfit team. His love of Land Rovers (old school, of course) means we are all highly attuned to them and take photos as evidence.

Ash Thompson

Head of Operations

With a design background, Ash brings invaluable experience to shape the operations side of Outfit, particularly through her indepth knowledge of the platform. She has automated brands for market-leading companies across Australia and has an intimate knowledge of the martech landscape and the challenges delivery teams are facing. Ash's love of grey and her cafe racer are renowned.

Blake Davies

Customer Support & Operations Officer

Blake is our Customer Support extraordinaire, providing support to our customers and our internal team. Responsive, motivated and taking pleasure in a process well done, Blake makes a direct and positive impact to the customer experience. His superpowers outside work are his mad table tennis skills and his competitive Pokemon spirit.

Liam McKernan

Template Developer

Liam is a visual designer with a background in graphics, UI/UX and web design. His background in music and being in a touring band (as a drummer) led to a keen interest in the user experience and user-centred design processes - from observing user (the audience) needs, to planning and implementing solutions.

Thomas Doyle

Product Manager

Thomas' extensive experience as a Business Analyst positions him brilliantly within Outfit to lead the conversation around the platform and how we can continue to strengthen our offering for our customers. His commitment to the product sees us continuously moving into new spaces. In his spare time Tom eats a lot of chicken and double coat Tim Tams.

Ally Eastman


Ally studied web design and is passionate about great design, UX, effective and reusable code. Having worked in SaaS previously, Ally's willingness to learn new coding languages and her attention to detail have quickly made her a go-to resource for our templating. She is a weight-lifting dancer (hopefully not at the same time!) with much love for her two cats.

James Lee

Head of Design

James’ experience in design and front-end development produces successful brand and web-based solutions for clients. His skills in HTML, CSS and JS are supported by his focus on systematising brands to increase brand equity, ensuring our clients’ production is scalable. James’ organisation of our team NFL Fantasy League has taken us to the next (competitive) level.

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