On brand, on demand, marketing production.

Outfit is an innovative brand automation and marketing production platform that provides brand consistency, speed and agility for marketing teams whilst slashing production costs

Transform the way your organisation creates, collaborates on and shares your branded marketing materials.

Digitise your Brand Style Guide.

Automatically ensure that everything produced with Outfit always stays on brand.

Your marketers and content authors can produce beautifully designed marketing materials, at scale, on demand.




Your brand managers and designers can guarantee brand consistency across all channels and sizes.

Reduce your production costs.

​Re-use your templates in upcoming campaigns, events and across new geographies - cover all your online and offline needs.


Render everything in-house.

Increase your speed to market.

You can easily create or edit a full bill of materials simultaneously.

Edit an event date, update a price point, change a disclaimer or call to action across all your campaign materials at once with a single input.

Keep all your brand assets in one, central place.

Our digital asset management library allows you to store and manage an entire library of approved imagery, logos and graphics.

Collaborate across departments and regions.

Empower brand and marketing teams to produce assets collaboratively and share them in real-time across different teams and geographies.

Optimise Team and Agency Efforts.

Refocus your team’s energy and budget on strategy and creative, by eliminating the labour required during production.

Monitor the production and use of your
marketing materials.





Outfit's activity feed and reporting module allows you to visualise what your staff are working on and what materials have been rendered.

"Outfit is a new category in how you can manage your brand. "


We measure the benefits of Outfit purely by the requests that we aren't getting anymore.


I know every time I see something being built with Outfit, that would otherwise have been a custom piece of creative that would have had to be taken care of by my team. As that list grows bigger, I know I'm saving more. "

Andy Fitzsimon

Brand Manager at Red Hat

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