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Business communications tool to produce on-brand content. With communications channels proliferating, placing Outfit at the heart of your content creation allows you to produce more content, more on-brand. Outfit means more people reached with personalised content.

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Scale easily

Create content quickly with pre-populated templates


No longer tied to painful design request processes

Make the most of integrations

Break down data silos

Self-reliant with self-service

Traditionally communications experts need to engage with the design team to produce on-brand collateral and content. Outfit removes this pain point as your communications team can seamlessly deliver on-brand content through templates without graphic design software or skills.

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Production for multi-channel strategies

As communications channels proliferate and more content is required to build a story and have cut-through, communications teams are flat out producing enough content for these channels. Whether the content is snackable on a social channel, email campaigns or website landing pages, your team can create all of this on-brand through Outfit.

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Approval workflows

Communications team need to deliver quick solutions with tight deadlines. Outfit’s in-built approval workflows ensure you can request and make approvals in the platform, matching your existing offline approval workflows. Fast approvals mean more comms delivered on-brand and on time.

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Integrate your data to support personalisation

Outfit is complementary to your existing marketing communication platforms. We integrate with your marketing automation platforms, your social channels and your CRM to ingest and use the data intelligently, allowing you to personalise more content.

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Easy social creation

From your profile pictures to your banners to your organic posts and advertising content, Outfit makes it easy to build these assets. Pulling image assets and brand guidelines from our asset library, Outfit ensures you are always on-brand.

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