Measure the potential impact of our brand automation platform

The marketing ROI delivered by Outfit can be quantified across both time and resources saved.

Good marketers get excited about return on investment (ROI) and we get that.

We understand how important a strong brand is, we understand how important it is for you deliver even one more campaign in market, and we understand how time intensive and expensive it can be to do both.

Use our marketing ROI Calculator to calculate the scale of your existing work and the time and resources that could be saved by implementing Outfit.

Inconsistent branding also costs you in terms of brand equity and value. Our ROI calculator also calculates the volume of brand elements potentially at risk every time collateral is created. By developing creative in Outfit, you minimise the risk and impact of inconsistent branding.

ROI Calculator

1. Labour costs

Please select your hourly labour costs, either employee wages (including on costs) or agency hourly cost.



    lead time reduction for 12RND Fitness campaign creation


    jobs self-serviced at Monash University last year


    documents created by Red Hat teams

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