Produce scalable, reusable print design & ad templates with Outfit

Outfit facilitates print production at scale

Our platform allows your whole organisation to create print collateral, on-brand and at scale.

Quick turnaround times

By putting the creation of documents in the hands of your stakeholder, you can dramatically shorten turnaround times. They can do their own print production inside the platform in a matter of minutes and send it for approval. What might take a week or more through a central design team or agency can be achieved inside a day with Outfit.

See how much time you can save

On-brand, every time

You have invested extensive resources in building a strong brand, and rightly want to protect this brand equity. By creating ad templates within the platform to automatically conform to your brand guidelines, you can guarantee your print production will be on-brand, every time.

The power of brand integrity

Custom creation, just for your brand

Each template is built and works according to your exact specifications. We apply your brand guidelines and examples to create custom print solutions. The templates are built for your print profiles and allow for CMYK conversion where appropriate.

The type of print documents produced through Outfit

You can personalise your print production at scale

Each print item can be personalised using key integrations, data from a spreadsheet, the team who are producing the collateral, the location or the language. The Outfit platform is built on responsive, intelligent templates to ensure they are always on-brand. The Outfit platform automates this personalisation to ensure easy print production.

Edit multiple documents at the same time

Marketers build campaigns for the same channels, for the same campaigns with the same key messages and details. Our platform allows you to create these print items simultaneously without copying and pasting each time. Print advertising design is easy no matter the ad size.

The power of multi-edit

Web to print

You can support your diverse teams with speed and ease of creation through web to print. The Outfit platform allows print production online without desktop publishing tools, ready to print. We can integrate with your identified printing network or supply the print-ready files, stored in the cloud, for your team to share with their desired printer.

Large format print production

The Outfit platform handles print production for small items, like business cards, and large items, like out of home - billboards, street furniture, car wraps. These large format designs are created as a custom template and users can then personalise the artwork to suit the location.

Free your time, and your teams' time, to do more of what matters by automating marketing production.

Amplify the power of your brand through, powerful digital asset management and integrations, feeding directly into your content production.

Execute with the confidence that comes from brand standardisation and management.

Strengthen brand integrity

Every piece of collateral, on-brand, on time and at scale

Faster to market, again and again

More campaigns launched, with ease of iteration

Reduce production costs

Hours of time saved across the organisation without needing to outsource production

Maximise your existing data

Eliminate the waste and frustration of long build times and data movement

Empower teams

Empower the whole organisation to create on-brand content

Reduce risk

Your brand in safe hands with approval workflows, clear templates and an audit trail