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Billboard Templates

Scaling national campaign creative across a range of disparate outdoor signage networks with an ever-growing list of specifications can be exhausting. With Outfit, take high quality creative from your Designer and use billboard templates in various and flexible sizes to repurpose artwork for installation on billboards around the world in minutes.

Billboard Sizes

Common billboard sizes

Spec TableBillboard Sizes
Size 16 x 3m
Size 24 x 6m
Size 38.3 x 2.22m
Size 412.6 x 3.35m
Size 518.9 x 4.55m

Expert Advice


Whether you are looking for digital or traditional outdoor billboards, we can meet your specifications. Let Outfit manage the scale of your design while you focus on the content and messaging. Hi-res outputs are preferred.

Bec Purcell - Customer Onboarding Manager

The beauty of Outfit is that it actually allows people to self-serve easily, and create their own marketing materials without us needing to worry it’ll be off brand. This allows our team to focus on the strategic side of marketing and communications.

Rebecca Richardson — Marketing Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications Office, Durham University

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