Outfit's brand management pricing and packaging

The Outfit team work with you to identify the best solution for you. 

Small Medium Business

Typically, this size business usually has 30-100 Outfit users across marketing and sales. Smaller franchise brands also work well in this platform size


This size business typically has 100-500 users of Outfit across marketing, brand, sales and larger franchise networks.

Large Enterprise / Multi-national

A business this size has more than 500 Outfit users, often around the globe, constantly onboarding new teams and users. Technology firms, universities and real estate companies often fall into this category.

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Whether it is your core marketing team or the broader organisation, Outfit delivers automated on-brand solutions to empower your people.

Outfit is engineered to provide brand consistency for organisations. Our platform capitalises on the ease of SaaS, combined with expert template customisation to ensure your brand guidelines are rigorously applied.

Our team has extensive experience in implementing the right solution for your organisation, and our Customer Success Program ensures your outcomes are consistently achieved.

Software as a service

The Outfit platform scales easily throughout your organisation with a SaaS arrangement, ensuring you can easily onboard new users.

What sort of companies use Outfit

Outfit is ideal for organisations who have a strong central brand with diverse stakeholders who need to use the brand. You need to maximise efficiency and equity, increase production output and ensure compliance and Outfit delivers this through responsive brand automation, at scale.

Outfit engages with companies who may be re-branding, expanding into new markets, seeking efficiency of marketing production and to drive sales.

Empower the whole organisation

Expert professional services

Our marketers, designers, developers and customer success teams provide expert professional services when implementing Outfit to ensure your brand and template solutions are executed beautifully.

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Each template is built according to your exact design and specifications - no trying to make your brand work in a generic template, and then seeing it used by another brand.


Our customer success team step you through the onboarding process to ensure rollout throughout your organisation is customised to your business needs. They align and replicate current training systems and approval workflows, project manage integrations and ensure a successful deployment.


The key to happy users within your organisation is training, and our training program is tailored to your needs. We can also facilitate a train the trainer program to empower your internal teams to train on the Outfit platform.

Storage for your assets and collateral

Through the Outfit platform, your team will use your assets to create hundreds (and thousands!) of pieces of collateral. The Outfit platform uses cloud storage for your assets and collateral so you can create, and access, them wherever you are.

Digital Asset Management

Integrate with Outfit

Using Outfit shouldn’t mean the reinvention of your systems and processes. Create an integrated system, with Outfit in the centre of it all.
Pull in data to automatically and dynamically generate documents, on the fly. Push on-brand Outfit documents straight out into the market without any hassle or extra setup.

Integrations make it easier

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