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Complish Lists Outfit as One of the Top Australian Startups & Tech Companies to Work for in 2020

Complish researched hundreds of tech startups and scaleups across Australia to find the companies you'll actually want to work for in 2020 and found Outfit to be one (among some great company).

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We need to say goodbye to the rigidity of nine to five

Outfit founder and CEO Bruce Stronge explains how COVID has killed the 9-5 model – and why that’s a good thing.

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Fearless Women Podcast, November 2020

Head of Product Ash Ivory on Fearless Women Podcast By Janice McDonald

Ash talks trailblazing, coffee, motorbikes and a day in the life of a Head of Product for Australian-based Martech software company, Outfit.

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Smart Company, September 2020

After bagging $20 million in February, this is what Bruce Stronge has learnt about raising venture capital

Australian startup Outfit has raised $19.5 million in funding as it expands into the US and UK, after two consecutive years of 100% revenue growth.

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The Story of a Brand Podcast, August 2020

Empowering Teams to Self-Produce Content at Scale

In part 1, Andy discusses: The Start and Groundwork to Building Outfit; Creating a Brand Automation Platform; Talking Back with Value; Using Professional Designers with Traditional Tools; The Uses of Outfit; Long Term Solutions for Brands Here to Stay; and so much more.

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AdNews, July 2020

Industry Profile: Outfit Head of Product Ash Ivory

AdNews talks to Outfit Head of Product Ash Ivory about motorbikes, the tech industry and advice for others looking to pursue a career in tech.

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Mumbrella, July 2020

Ash from Outfit reviews Australia's new logo

Australia's new logo was revealed: a golden wattle flower that many were quick to point out bears an uncanny resemblance to COVID-19. As Ash Ivory argues, it wasn't just a design failure, but also a failure to communicate the story behind the logo, and time its launch correctly.

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Marketing Mag, June 2020

How automation supported Bakers Delight’s marketing during lockdown

How Bakers Delight was able to ensure a quick response to changing regulations during COVID-19, with on-brand automation at scale for all of its franchisees with Outfit.

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Mi3, May 2020

Outfit Head of Marketing Tim Brown talks brand responsiveness and flexibility

Recent events have highlighted the ability (or lack thereof) of brands to respond. It’s one thing to have a brand that is flexible enough to shift with the market, consumer trends and robust enough that it can still maintain brand control when this is happening.

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WARC^, May 2020

Outfit Head of Marketing Tim Brown talks COVID-19 affects

While COVID-19 disruption has hit agencies badly, it is also a much-needed wakeup to transform both business and work, to survive and move forward into a very changed future.

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AdNews, May 2020

The WFH Diaries - Tim Brown at Outfit

AdNews covers the WFH story of ex-Bigfish, SapientNitro, McCann Worldgroup and current Outfit Head of Marketing Tim Brown

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Mumbrella, May 2020

Brand management platform Outfit appoints Andy Fitzsimon as VP of strategy

The hire follows on from the platform raising almost $20m back in February. Fitzsimon’s new role will focus on emerging technologies and a portfolio of new tools. He was most recently behind the strategy and execution at the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, Red Hat, in the APAC Office of Technology.

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Smart Company, February 2020

“Who wouldn’t want to invest?”: How Brisbane startup Outfit bagged $20 million to grow its footprint in the US

Brisbane startup Outfit has bagged $19.5 million in funding as it looks to expand into the US, off the back of two years of 100% revenue growth.

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Financial Review, February 2020

US venture fund backs Brisbane marketing tech firm with $19.5m

Outfit has closed its second external funding round at $19.5 million, with US-based Five Elms Capital funding the entire round, as it seeks to emulate the global inroads made by fellow local design start-up Canva.

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B & T, May 2019

Why Investing In Brand Is Key For Retail

It’s no longer enough for retail brands to merely list the features and benefits of a product and expect to see a sales spike, says Outfit’s head of marketing Kate Smith says in this guest post, They must invest in their brand promise to ensure business success.

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B & T , April 2019

Outfit and B&T Roundtable Wrap: The Future of Branding is Automation

Yesterday, fifteen leading industry minds and marketers joined together at Quay Restaurant to discuss all things marketing, brand management & consistency, as well as the future state of branding.

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B & T, April 2019

Why The Key To A Healthy Brand Is Its Outfit

Is your brand feeling a little unhealthy and inconsistent? Well, this platform is the perfect remedy…

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Inside Small Business, April 2019

Choose your own adventure

How encouraging staff to channel their specialist skills can increase productivity and innovation.

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Smart Company, March 2019

Why you should find the right role for the right person — not the other way around

Recruitment is just one brick in the road to company success so here are my tips for ensuring a team stays motivated, passionate and inspired to realise a company’s vision.

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Business Acumen, March 2019

Encouraging staff to channel their specialist skills to boost productivity and innovation.

HIRE good people and place them in roles that play to their skills and strengths. Sounds like common sense, right? Bakers bake; designers design; and fitness trainers train.

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The Martec, November 2017

100 Growing Australian Tech Companies to Watch in 2018

It’s that time of year, where we start to think about what’s to come in 2018.

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Mumbrella, August 2017

Where the bloody hell aren’t ya?

From errors in translation to cultural differences, localisation still causes a headache for many marketers. David Barzilay explains why brands still aren't nailing it.

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The Martec, August 2017

26 Brisbane Startups to Watch in 2017

More than 1,200 clients from across 40 countries use Outfit to reduce production costs, streamline workflow, allow for better team collaboration and accelerate campaign launches while guaranteeing brand consistency.

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Marketing Mag, May 2017

Man versus machine: five ways brand automation will change your job

Brand automation is hammering the last nail in the coffin of the old-school marketing approach: when the creative genius ruled, reporting return on marketing investment was still a twinkle in the CFO’s eye, and designers laboriously created and resized marketing collateral, first with paper and rulers, then with Adobe.

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QLD Business Monthly, May 2017

Social Conscience Caught in the Web

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The Courier Mail, April 2017

Elegant Outfit solution to a global problem

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Startup Daily, March 2017

Brisbane startup Outfit is a brand automation and marketing production platform

As a company grows, so too does the time it takes to create and have approved branding and marketing materials, with the number of people working across these areas either internally or externally increasing.

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Australian Anthill, March 2017

This startup has raised $1 million to Outfit the world in brand automation software

Australian marketing technology (MarTech) platform Outfit has attracted a $1 million investment from the Microequities Venture Capital Fund, which will see the Brisbane startup create ten new jobs to further expand its national customer base and break into the US market by the end of the year.

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CMO, March 2017

CMO's top 8 martech stories for the week - 16 March 2017

Australian martech company, Outfit, has secured $1 million in investment to fuel local and international customer take-up of its brand management software.

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Deal Street Asia, March 2017

Microequities VC Fund backs Australia’s Outfit

Brisbane-based Outfit, which makes a cloud-based brand marketing automation solution, has closed an A$1 million ($761,995) investment from Microequities Venture Capital Fund.

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Financial Review, March 2017

Startup Outfit raises $1m to automate marketing design

Brisbane-based technology startup Outfit has closed its first external funding round, securing $1 million from the Microequities Venture Capital Fund to expand its cloud-based marketing automation tool that it says slashes the time it takes for organisations to prepare marketing material.

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Startup Smart, March 2017

Brisbane startup Outfit secures $1 million from Microequities Venture Capital Fund after bootstrapping its “Canva for enterprise” platform

A Brisbane startup developing a Canva-style solution for enterprise companies has secured $1 million from Sydney-based Microequities Venture Capital Fund after a strong run in bootstrapping.

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Business Franchise Australia, March 2017

Six Do's and Don'ts to Take Your Franchise Brand to the Next Level

McDonald’s, Boost Juice and Bakers Delight immediately call to mind the products, prices, and people you can expect at these franchises. McDonald’s means cheap and cheerful.

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Australian Anthill, February 2017

This brand automation startup in Brisbane has grown to $750K revenue in its first year

Brand automation startup Outfit is a bit like Canva for enterprise – rather than using design software to turn a banner into an A4 page, cloud-based Outfit digitises brand guidelines.

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Business Franchise Australia, December 2016

Cloud Design Software Helps Fitness Franchise Turbocharge Growth

Outfit is a brand automation and marketing production cloud software. Rather than using design software to turn a banner into an A4 page for example, Outfit allows users to produce collateral online at the click of the button, ensuring it is always on brand and to specs.

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Franchise Business, October 2016

How a fitness franchise is making its mark

12 Round Fitness, an up-and-coming brand, is using a unique marketing tool to make its mark in a sea of competitors in the fitness industry.

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Startup Smart, September 2016

How bootstrapped Brisbane startup Outfit made more than $750,000 in its first year

A Brisbane entrepreneur’s Canva-style app for enterprise has big plans to be turning over $10 million by 2020 after generating $750,000 in revenue in just a year.

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CMO, April 2016

How Red Hat is bringing consistency to global brand marketing campaigns

The arduous task of maintaining the quality and consistency of marketing collateral across multiple regions is becoming a thing of the past for enterprise software vendor, Red Hat.

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B&T, April 2016

Brisbane Startup Enters Game To Set New Rules For Marketing Production

Outfit strikes a balance between brand consistency and operational flexibility by using intelligent, cloud-based software set to change the way marketing teams do business.

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Australian Anthill, March 2016

This Brisbane start-up is doing away with the headaches of managing a large brand

As the founder of a small software development start-up, Bruce Stronge wasn’t aware of the challenges of managing a large, multi-national enterprise brand.

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CMO, March 2016

CMO's top 10 martech stories for the week - 10 March

NetEngine, a Brisbane-based startup, has created a new platform giving brand managers, content authors and marketers the ability to use pre-approved branded design templates.

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WhaTech, October 2015

Outfit: The new secret weapon in brand management and marketing material production

With the goal of developing marketing production software that strikes a balance between brand consistency and operational flexibility, Outfit has been two years in the making.

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Public Relations Institute of Australia, October 2015

Outfit: The new secret weapon in brand management and marketing material production

It's a pain point all too familiar for large businesses – just how do you produce marketing materials that are on brand and customised for your needs without experiencing lengthy delays?

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