Empowering leading banks and insurers through brand automation

Be on-brand throughout your organisation by automating brand management and production at scale.

Imagine a platform that provides central brand control, and enables retail branches and mobile teams like brokers to self-serve and your central team to mass produce content. Welcome to Outfit.

Used by leading brands

Empower local branches

With the world demanding more and more from marketing everyday, we understand that nearly every financial services marketing team out there experiences the same key issues, particularly when it comes to the hyper-personalisation now expected by customers and the volume of content needed by local branches.

We partner with industry leaders to innovate their current approach, promoting efficiency, effectiveness and empowerment while managing a central brand in a decentralised environment. Using Outfit, your branch and mobile teams can create localised, personalised content for day-to-day content and major campaigns

Ensure brand compliance

In complex environments, across multiple territories, with hundreds of stakeholders, managing the brand, marketing and communications is not a job for the faint-hearted. Add in legislative and governing body compliance, and the small details count for a lot. Ensure total compliance by allowing stakeholders to use approved key messages, copy and disclaimers.

We measure the benefits of Outfit just by the requests we aren’t getting any more. I know that every time I see something being built by Outfit, that would otherwise be a custom piece of creative that would have to be taken care of by my team. As that list grows bigger, I know I’m saving more.

Andy FitzsimonGlobal Brand Manager, Red Hat

Mass-produce content

Working with agencies is often time-consuming and expensive. Each campaign element built often goes through 2-3 proofing rounds before approval. Then once in market, any changes you make need to go through the same process. Outfit reduces your production costs by allowing you to build campaign assets and iterate quickly. In-house, you can mass-produce content and push directly into your platforms, saving you time and money.

The power of integrations

Outfit is the perfect complement to your existing martech stack, integrating with your marketing automation, CRM, MRM and other platforms to provide a seamless brand automation and production experience. Your marketing, sales and branch teams can create content using live data and then store it against customer records for a single source of truth.

Strengthen brand integrity

Every piece of collateral, on-brand, on time and at scale

Faster to market, again and again

More campaigns launched, with ease of iteration

Reduce production costs

Hours of time saved across the organisation without needing to outsource production

Maximise your existing data

Eliminate the waste and frustration of long build times and data movement

Empower teams

Empower the whole organisation to create on-brand content

Reduce risk

Your brand in safe hands with approval workflows, clear templates and an audit trail

Approval workflows for peace of mind

With your internal clients now able to self-service, Outfit provides further peace of mind with in-built approval workflows. Each asset goes through the exact approval workflow you need it to within your team whether that is single or multi-tier approvals.

Email production

Generate on-brand assets for emails easily through Outfit

Print production

Customised templates ensure on-brand print production

Digital production

Personalise digital production at scale

Social production

On-brand social production without the designer