Junior Front-End Developer

South Brisbane

About the Opportunity

Do you enjoy coding-up HTML CSS and Javascript as much as you do setting type and designing for print? Can you think outside the box and use the latest in css and javascript to solve problems in new and exciting ways?. Want to have design and/or tech input on multi-national design projects for one of the world’s most innovative tech companies? Experienced, yet want to further master your craft? Want to work with happy and smart developers who are constantly improving, sharing and learning? Want to create game changing products? Join us!

Working enviroment

All about you

As someone involved in the day-to-day goings-on of Outfit, you’ll always be ready to put forward your ideas (and they’ll always be welcomed). You care about not only making things work, but keeping them maintainable and scalable. You’ll be as committed to technical excellence as the rest of the team you’ll join.

Ideal characteristics

  • You have solid design sensibilities You understand how type works. You sweat balance, spacing and contrast. You have an interest in visual identity design, user interface design and information achitecture; those areas of design with a focus on systems.

  • You’re an experienced front end developer Because you care about efficiency your workflow includes use of front end tooling. You care about semantics. You care about browser performance. You care about users.

  • You’re curious, you improve daily (and nightly) You might have an interest in generative / procedural design. You might like building small browser experiments or side projects, you might even like challenging yourself with a new dribbble/behance post every one or two days, just to try things out.

About Outfit

We’ve built a team of smart, energetic and passionate technologists who genuinely love that their work is exciting, innovative and most importantly worthwhile. Outfit has just secured a 3 year global deal with RedHat, the biggest open source software company in the world.

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