Outfit & IntelligenceBank

Already housing your assets in IntelligenceBank? Integrate your IntelligenceBank account with Outfit to use your assets in on-brand templates, and export completed documents back into IntelligenceBank for additional content distribution.


Populate your Outfit Asset Library with folders, images and all associated metadata from your IntelligenceBank account. Once configured, users can easily use these images in their branded documents created in Outfit.

Any updates made to IntelligenceBank will automatically be reflected in Outfit to ensure that there is no need for double-handling when it comes to assets.

Once your collateral has been created, edited and approved in Outfit, users can also export the final files back into IntelligenceBank for distribution through the organisation.

Push, Pull and Plug-in


Pull IntelligenceBank folder structures, images and associated metadata into Outfit so no double handling is required and the team don't have to second guess whether an image is on-brand.


Once on-brand documents have been created within Outfit, the team can export finished, branded collateral directly into IntelligenceBank so the wider network can access and distribute at will.


As your IntelligenceBank library grows and changes, whether in permissions, folder structures or updates to files, Outfit will automatically reflect those changes. Anyone with Admin access to both IntelligenceBank and Outfit can configure this integration in minutes.

The flexibility of both IntelligenceBank and Outfit means that you can continue to optimise your workflows with further integrations.

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