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Empowering financial services through brand automation

Outfit has extensive experience in supporting brand management and automation to deliver brand strength and production cost-savings for complex organisations like financial services.

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Ensure brand compliance

In complex environments, across multiple territories, with thousands of stakeholders, managing the brand, marketing and communications is not a job for the faint-hearted. Add in legislative and governing body compliance, and the small details count for a lot. Ensure total compliance by allowing stakeholders to use approved key messages, copy and disclaimers.

Ensure compliance through locked down templates

Strengthen brand integrity

Every piece of collateral, on-brand, on time and at scale


Empower decentralised teams

Your stakeholders can create their own, always on-brand, collateral


Reduce risks

Your brand in safe hands with approval workflows, clear templates and an audit trail

Central brand control

Controlling your brand centrally makes sense - you can ensure the visual identity is used correctly, every time, strengthening your already strong equity among customers and prospective customers. Outfit facilitates the control of your brand, so your brand guidelines are applied to every piece of collateral when used by the branches or mobile lenders to localise and customise campaign content.

Guaranteed on-brand production

Reduce risk

Putting your brand in the hands of your stakeholders may seem counterintuitive, but Outfit de-risks this scenario by only allowing them to edit and use certain assets. You can then work strategically and implement high-impact campaigns while your internal clients self-service.

Your teams and your clients don’t need to wait for detailed design processes, and you don’t need to worry about the wrong thing being in market.

How to ensure compliance and reduce risk

By having the platform, we can ensure that all of our marketing assets are in line with our national strategy, and they are on brand, so we are able to amplify the effect of our brand nationally, at the same time as assisting our brokers in growing their businesses locally

Hannah Roy - Senior Manager (Marketing), Aussie

Approval workflows for peace of mind

With your internal clients now able to self-service, Outfit provides further peace of mind with in-built review workflows. Each asset goes through the exact review workflow you need it to within your team whether that is single or multi-tier approvals.

Review workflows built for you