Automated design and marketing production

Marketing production for large marketing teams can be alleviated with design automation. Designers’ time is best spent creating the truly unique and strategic design solutions.

Get rid of the churn and burn items

Graphic designers haven’t refined their craft to change logos or contact details on a business card. Great designers enjoy the campaign concept development and don’t want to make round after round of changes to a flyer. Outfit allows design teams to stop doing the churn and burn marketing production tasks and focus on the strategic pieces you enjoy.

No more V12

Eliminate bottlenecks

Your clients can create their own collateral through design automation

Brand control and consistency

Automated, on-brand, at scale

Confidence through approvals

Approval workflows to match your existing processes

Reduce the volume of design requests

Right now your to-do list is probably so long it will take you weeks to even clear half of it. We feel you. Implementing Outfit means your internal clients can self-service with design automation, so you never need to touch their small jobs. They win because they can build assets quickly and you win because some jobs never even cross your radar.

Strengthen brand integrity

While removing the churn and burn from your list seems exciting, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice brand guideline integrity. Outfit’s templates rigorously apply your brand guidelines, and users access your approved images and copy. No more well-intentioned, but misguided clipart, and crazy colours through the ease of templated marketing production.

More power through on-brand templates

Be confident with our approval workflow

Multi-tier? Multi-team? Our approval workflow is built to match your brand and marketing workflow. We set up your approvals for all marketing production so you can ensure no content is in market without the necessary approvals through faculty and central teams.

Be sure with approval workflows

Web to print with ease

You can support your clients with the speed and ease of creation using web to print. The Outfit platform allows the ease of document creation online without desktop publishing tools, ready to print. Documents are set up correctly with print profiles, crop and bleed marks. We integrate with your identified printing network or supply the print-ready outputs.

The ease of web to print

Automated web to digital

As a technology company, we are powerfully placed to deliver robust digital solutions for designers. Our web-to-digital solution has been built to ensure superior execution and distribution through digital channels including email, social and programmatic advertising.