The Future of Local Area
Marketing for Franchise

Webinar Overview

  • Australian Franchises: The big picture

  • Why is branding so important

  • Current solutions and challenges

  • How can Outfit streamline your LAM workflow

  • 12 Round Fitness example

  • Branding & marketing resources

  • Questions

Australian Franchises

 The Big Picture

  • Franchise systems grew
  • Increasing competition from non-franchise retailers
  • Competition from overseas franchises
  • Demand for stronger focus on digital media
  • Engagement on social channels is prime
  • People employed by franchise units increased
  • Most brands are projecting steady growth in network size

Australian Franchises:
The Big Picture from 2016

Why is branding
so important?

  • Brand consistency is key

  • Consumers prefer to buy from brands familiar to them

  • The numbers advantage = your franchise network
  • The challenge = consistency across the network

Branding is the combined functional and emotional associations your key customers have with your business. When you can create clarity and consistency in these areas, you will amplify your franchise’s branding success.



Sales Promotion

Press Ads

Social Media









Direct Mail

In-store Promotions


Trade Shows

Word of Mouth


Point of Sale

Out of Home Ads

So what is an interaction
with a brand?

  • Creating your brand guidelines

  • Maintaining and enforcing them

  • Maintaining brand consistency as the network grows


Your brand guidelines are an essential tool in your quest for creating consistent,
impactful branding for your franchise.



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  • The more people who have buy-in into a brand the more likely off brand material will occur.
  • Brand guidelines are static which make them a hard document to enforce.
  • Brand 'policing' can be a point of contention in a network.

Current Workflows
and Challenges

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  • Turn around times are slow
  • Marketing teams are under-resourced due to the size of their franchise network
  • Competing priorities between national marketing and local area initiatives
  • Processes and workflows are manual and not scalable


Local Area Marketing Challenges

How Can Outfit Support Your
Franchise Brand Growth

The Benefits of 

  • Brand consistency
  • Speed of materials production
  • Reduce production costs
  • Easy collaboration between Head Office and Franchisees
  • Head Office knows everything remains on-brand
  • Franchisees can produce materials for local area marketing
  • No design skills needed
  • Adapts to your workflow

The Benefits of Outfit

  • 1 hour of training in Outfit
  • First pre-launch campaign ready for market
  • Currently no internal marketing resource 

12RND Fitness
Pre-Launch Campaign

  • Layouts tailored to suit a localised club strategy
  • Flexible sizes means all social channels are covered
  • Multi-edit feature saves a lot of time

12RND Fitness Social Media

Branding & Marketing Resources

Branding & Marketing Resources

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