What's on the events horizon?

The event space has changed dramatically in recent times. First becoming a very empty physical space and then becoming a very full virtual space. You can bet physical events will be back, now might be the time to think about bringing together the best of both worlds. Outfit can set you up to self-produce the brand collateral you're going to need. Quickly and at scale.

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Let's get physical!

The physical event experience is a prime brand building opportunity. But if the right processes and platforms are not in place it can also be a brand minefield. Whether it's a University Open Day or a massive industry conference there is so much potential for it to go either way. So what can you do to make sure you and the event team can stay on brand and make it shine? Have a play with our demo Uni Open Day Kit below to get a taste of the power of Outfit. This little kit is just the tip of the iceberg, request a demo to learn more.

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Open Day Kit

Open Day is the linchpin of your university marketing plan, and the biggest weekend of the year is made easier through the use of Outfit.

This kit includes the following:

Plasma Screen
Instagram Post

Is there anybody out there?

If you thought the ‘what if no-one turns up’ pressure was on to get people to a physical event imagine the pressure on a virtual event. You can literally see your numbers ticking up and down and it is much easier for people to simply skip it or ‘watch later’. So how do you activate a virtual event? Turn up the digital and social engagement and get them committed. We recently built a virtual photo booth for the Red Hat Summit. Result, 17,000 social media assets were produced. Combine this with banners, social media kits, landing pages and personalised emails - all self produced in Outfit - and you're on to a winner.

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What does the future hold?

Who knows, but it is a pretty safe bet that it will be a combination of the two. A best of both worlds. The recent Red Hat Summit turned a 4,000 person physical event into a 56,000 person virtual event. Huge success! Clearly the virtual event gets the numbers but it won't be long before we're ready to mingle again. And when we do you will want to make sure that your brand is ready for both.

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