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Employee Handbook


Hi :) We’re over the moon that you chose to spend your work days with us. This little book will tell you a bit about your new spot. About who we are, why we’re here, and the ins and outs of all that is Outfit. About the formal, the fun and the frivolous. Of course, there are essential policies and procedures that you will also need to get across – our friendly ops team will point you towards those. Welcome to Outfit, we hope you enjoy the ride.

What Guides Us

Fit In Graphic Animation

Fit In.

Be excellent to each other :) We are always excellent to each other and we have each other’s backs. We seek to inspire and we are always looking for ways to improve. We are problem solvers and we are innovators. One Team

Stand Out Graphic Animation

Stand Out.

We’re here for a revolution. We are accountable to ourselves and each other.  We are confident, diligent and focused. We play as a team. Remember the bit about being excellent to each other? We always are and if we disagree with a team decision, we voice it and we commit. Be Bold, Be You

Be Free Graphic Animation

Be Free.

Find a better way.  We are professional and respectful of one another. We are authentic, approachable and we are ready to have a laugh.  Be cool, be kind. Always be free thinking, always be innovating. If you see a problem, have a crack at solving it. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. All ideas are welcome :)  If nothing else, always choose love over fear. Make it happen

About Outfit

How do we behave? 

We pursue excellence together 


We are excellent to each other as we do. 

Why do we we exist?

We’re here to revolutionise brand production.

So, what does Outfit actually do?

Outfit is a Brand Management Platform. We  build and provide brand automation software that empowers big brands to self-produce and scale their content output.  We deliver the power of their brand into their hands – where it should be.

Who is it for?

Marketers, designers and devs love us (and we love them).

Where did we come from?

We were born when open source software behemoth (we prefer to think of them as an enormous teddy bear) Red Hat needed a solution for its massive distributed team to stay on brand. Our founder (and a Redhat compadre) saw the need to reinvent and automate the way that brand material was produced. He empathised with the frustration that was being felt by many businesses – frustrations with brand control and agency dependency. And so Outfit was built... and here we are today :)

No, but really, why though?

Freedom or death!

We couldn't see why businesses' brand keys were held by external agencies or by that one guy who can use InDesign. We wanted to empower teams to take hold of and deploy their own brand. We also believed in digital progress and the way that brand was being handled seemed to run counter to digital progress across all other parts of business. So why are we here?

To empower businesses to take a hold of their own brand.

Power to the people.

Teamwork & Operations

How do you fit in?

By now you know what team you’re on and what your job is. Here are a few reminders and things you may not yet know.

When should you be working?
Our official working hours are 8:30am to 5pm but we’re flexible :) Just talk to your team lead if you would like to discuss. 

Where should you be working?
Our HQ is in Brisbane, Australia, at the top end of one of its better-known entertainment strips - coincidence?

The Brisbane office runs on a share desk system - your team will have set compulsory days to work from the office but outside of that you can choose whether you want to come in and use the offices internet and amazing coffee machines for the day or keep working from home.  Keep your team lead up to date with your plans - Know what tasks you need to get completed - Check in with your team mates regularly and we’ll all keep Outfit ticking.

We also have offices in:

Melbourne - cricket anyone?
Tasmania - a touch of nature
Santa Monica, LA, U.S.A. - Muscle Beach, need we say more.
Sheffield, U.K - the jewel of the North 
London (Calling)

And teams in: 

Vietnam and Serbia

What do you need to get your job done?
You tell us :) We’ll set you up with a laptop, monitor and everything else that you need to get going but if there’s something else that will make your work life easier let us know. We will arm you with what you need - within reason.

We have many and some are department specific. You will be taken through them in your induction but make Slack, Confluence and Google suite your friends and all will be ok.

Teams and squads and stuff

Yes we have teams and within those teams we have squads and within those squads we have amazing individuals. We get stuff done really efficiently this way but we are nothing if we don’t share knowledge and ideas.

Some more about teams

We hire the very best. We hire people that are great at their job and who are great to be around. We hire people that make us better.


They make everything happen. They include the finance and admin team as well.  If you need something, ask them. Be nice and they’ll help.

Not many people are proud to wear the ‘suit’ label but these guys f*&%in’ love it. Our sales team are performance machines. They talk to our prospective customers, show them the magic of Outfit and bring them on board.

Customer Success
Without our wonderful customers we don’t have a business and without our wonderful CS team we would keep no customers. They are the loving caring centre of the business.

People and Culture
When you meet the team you will meet a great group of smiling happy Outfitters. The P + C team keep that alive.

Marketing gets the word out and works with everyone to make sure our product is in the right place at the right time.

Strategy and Innovation

This team sees the future and builds us our place in it.

We are nothing without a product and the product is nothing without this team. They are constantly improving the platform and keeping us ahead of the brand automation pack.

I swear these guys don’t sleep. They are tirelessly templating and building out our clients’ brands so they can be everywhere.

The engine room. The magic makers. They build the thing. And they are great at it.

Perks & Benefits

Some other stuff

Every Friday before lunch we gather everyone together to talk about the good stuff and the stand-out people who made it a great week at Outfit.

Friday lunch
We have a long-standing tradition of heading down to the pub for Friday lunch. Generally you pay your own way, but it’s a great chance to connect with your workmates.

Did someone say donut?
Yes they did. We have a slack app that randomly pairs you for social catch ups with your colleagues. They can be as awkward or as vibrant as you like, either way you’ll get to know your compadres.... and drink coffee (or milkshakes if that’s your thing)

Dungeons and Dragons
We have a very active D&D scene and all are welcome. Join the Slack channel and if it looks like you, please jump in. It’s fun.

Refer a friend
If you refer us to somebody who accepts a job at Outfit and sticks it out, we’ll give you 2000 bucks. Cha-ching!

YOLO Leave
It’s your Birthday! Have a free day :)


You have a couple of t-shirts and a hat but we’ve got more out the back. If you’re keen to spread our name around, or you need to send a pack to a friendly client, check in with the Ops team and they’ll sort you out.

Coffee or Tea?

Yes please :) We know different people need different things to keep them going through the day. If we don’t have what you need, ask our ops team and if it’s legal and you’re nice to them they’ll help you out.

To Beer or Not To Beer

We have beer on tap in the office … whaaattt?!! There are no official restrictions on the keg or the fridge but we generally hold off until Friday. Be sensible with it and we can keep it that way. We also keep the fridge stocked with ciders for those none beer loving folks.  

It’s not all about the booze. If beer is not your Friday arvo preference and you prefer something less boozy . Again if we don’t have it, and it’s legal, have a word with ops.

Important Stuff


Oh my goodness they’re soooooooo boring to read but read them you must. Our policies are very important and a lot of trouble has been taken to make sure that ourselves and our customers are safe and well because we have these policies in place. Take them seriously and read them properly and the ops team will love you for it.

If you need something to help you get through them see above.