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Menu Templates

Changes from supplier can mean regular updates to menus which is often one too many things to do in a busy hospitality environment. To avoid red-pen edits, Outfit menu templates are designed to allow anyone with access to a computer to update menu artwork and re-print quickly and easily. Whether the creative requires professional printing, or can be printed in-office, Outfit has your up-to-date menus on the table in minutes.

Menu Template Sizes

Recommended menu sizes.

Spec TableMenu Sizes
Size 1210 x 297mm (A4)
Size 2148 x 210mm (A5)

1200 x 628px


1200 x 900px

Expert Advice


Menus can be built in Outfit, the overall design of the document can be locked down so that the user is only coming in and editing things such as menu items, prices and dietary requirements / information. They can be built in three different variations, Digital for online use, professional print for sending away to a professional printer and office print for printing in house on a standard printer.

Andi Stewart - CX Operations Manager

Franchisees who previously never executed local marketing are creating collateral easily within Outfit; strengthening their business, building community presence, driving sales and all whilst protecting the Bakers Delight brand.

Elise Cittadini — Local Marketing Manager, Bakers Delight

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