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Certificate Templates

Whether you have certificates floating around your business from 10 years (and 2 logo updates) ago or you deal with 20 personnel anniversaries per week, Outfit’s Certificate Templates are the solution. Create digital and print ready versions of your branded certificates in Outfit, create versions for every purpose, populate fields in the approved structure using approved fonts and distribute via email or get documents professionally printed. Everyone in your organisation has access to a central, up to date template and any changes are instantly live for the entire network.

Certificate Template Sizes

Recommended certificate sizes.

Spec TableCertificate Sizes
Size 1210 x 297mm (A4)
Size 2216 x 279mm (8.5 x 11")
Size 3297 x 420mm (A3)


A4 Landscape

Expert Advice


Outfit allows users to create single or multi output certificates. With the multi output certificates, this allows users to bulk create certificates for several people within minutes. The multi output certificates ask the user to upload a csv file which may contain multiple recipients details such as their name, qualification, date etc with each row representing a different individual. That csv file will then populate the spreadsheet input, and generate a certificate per person.

Tim Brown - Head of Marketing
Franchisees who previously never executed local marketing are creating collateral easily within Outfit; strengthening their business, building community presence, driving sales and all whilst protecting the Bakers Delight brand.

Elise Cittadini — Local Marketing Manager, Bakers Delight

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