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Business Card Templates

Every organisation needs them - and the workflow for getting new ones is often rife with bottlenecks. This is exacerbated significantly when organisations are spread wide nationally or even globally. Thankfully Outfit Business Card templates exist and allow users to create their own business cards. Office administrators can even create multiple cards via a spreadsheet and export a zip file with all finished art, ready for the printer in minutes.

Business Card Sizes

Recommended sizes for Business Cards.

Spec TableBusiness Card Sizes
Size 188.9 x 50.8mm
Size 290 x 55mm
Size 33.5 x 2"








Expert Advice


Ensure all the necessary elements such as business logo, ABN, Credit Licence Number or website are always included on business cards by locking down these items within the template in Outfit.

Rachel Ogunseitan - Customer Success Coordinator

The beauty of Outfit is that it actually allows people to self-serve easily, and create their own marketing materials without us needing to worry it’ll be off brand. This allows our team to focus on the strategic side of marketing and communications.

Rebecca Richardson — Marketing Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications Office, Durham University

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