Create an integrated marketing system using Outfit's API

Your existing martech system can work smarter and harder when you build Outfit at the centre of your marketing production.

The power of the Outfit API

Pull in data to automatically and dynamically generate documents, using your existing marketing technology stack. The Outfit API supports dynamic HTML rendering for production at scale. Our most commonly exported formats include jpg, png, gif and pdf.

Your existing systems will be maximised with Outfit's powerful API driven architecture. Custom integrations are easy to setup and highly configurable.

Integrations for scale

  • Our cluster of servers can handle multiple simultaneous requests, and with large files.
  • Our RESTful endpoint has a quick learning curve.
  • Push on-brand Outfit documents straight into the market without any hassle or extra setup with integrations for your email, marketing automation and social media platforms.
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Benefits of using Outfit

High-quality exports

We produce high quality exports at the click of a button, allowing you to utilise Outfit for your next data-driven web project today.

Browser-based engine

Our HTML render engine relies on a real browser and is capable of rendering HTML5, CSS3, SVG and Webfonts at ease.

Print ready

We optimise all our ready-for-print templates in desired print formats, including options for bleed and spot colours, and utilising our systems' built-in CMYK conversion.

Fast & simple API

Our cluster of servers can handle multiple simultaneous requests, including with large files. Our RESTful endpoint has a quick learning curve.

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Ideas to get you started

A/B testing

Test potential markets with dynamic export capabilities.

Production workflows

Integrate data-driven templates to power your current workflows.

Social content automation

Automated social content creation across platforms.

Personalised design

Make thoughtful impressions with new leads through personalisation.

PDF receipts and ticketing

Reduce the hassle for your next event.

Programmatic marketing

Efficiently manage designs for your next campaign.

Free your time, and your teams' time, to do more of what matters by automating marketing production.

Amplify the power of your brand through, powerful digital asset management and integrations, feeding directly into your content production.

Execute with the confidence that comes from brand standardisation and management.


Outfit Developer Docs

Access the Outfit Developer Documents or get in touch to share your ideas and suggestions.

Outfit Help Documentation

Already building templates within Outfit? Check our help documentation for best practices.

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