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Monash University Case Study

Monash is a global university with more than 75,000 students, a presence on four continents and ambitious plans for the future. As a young university, their outlook is progressive and optimistic. They are focused on empowering their people to make a positive and lasting impact.


Higher Education




Melbourne, Australia


Ensuring brand compliance after a re-brand


Many staff work in functions that require them to produce collateral. One of our biggest goals is to empower people to do what they love – we want them to do the best job they can and don’t want to slow them down and make it difficult. Outfit has allowed more people in the University to access great tools that allow them to stay on-brand.

Vicki Goodwin — Director, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Monash University


All people interacting with a university expect a superior experience at every touch point. Universities must demonstrate the depth and breadth of their offering in dozens of channels. Monash identified they needed a better way to present their brand in a consistent way, at the scale a University of their size requires.

With 10 faculties and hundreds of staff using the brand and creating collateral, it was challenging to ensure everyone remained compliant. The central marketing team was working hard but struggling to keep up with the volume of requests. Following a re-brand, the Monash Brand, Marketing and Communications team sought a solution to allow them to empower staff to become brand ambassadors and champions while maintaining brand consistency.




Jobs delivered through Outfit in FY1718


Hours saved


The marketing community at Monash needed to deliver the brand consistently across a large volume of work. The power of Outfit to customise templates based on faculty and users was a perfect solution. This input and metadata customisation ensures collateral creation is easier and faster.

Users can now produce collateral themselves, create output, and have it approved - all in one afternoon.


Our central team can focus on differentiated design work and our faculties can create their own solutions. Everyone wins.

Vicki Goodwin — Director, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Monash University


Following the implementation of Outfit, the central design studio pivoted from high volume, lower tier work to more meaningful, more bespoke design work. The collateral for Open Day, for example, was created through Outfit which meant that more than 300 design jobs which would have been done through the central design team were produced in Outfit with dozens of variations applied and customised.

The wider Monash marketing and communication teams are all empowered to use Outfit and benefited from it, giving them the tools to be brand ambassadors.

Outfit means the central team at Monash is having bigger and more important conversations about what the brand means and what it represents rather than conversations about where the logo should be placed.

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