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Aussie Home Loans Case Study

Aussie is one of Australia’s biggest names in financial services. The well-known brand has 950+ mortgage brokers and 200 retail stores that help everyday Australians to secure the right loan for them.


200+ retail stores, 950+ brokers


Financial Services - Mortgage Broker




Ensuring brand and regulatory compliance


By having the platform we can ensure that all of our marketing assets are in line with our national strategy, and they are on brand, so we are able to amplify the effect of our brand nationally, at the same time as assisting our brokers in growing their businesses locally.

Hannah Roy — Senior Manager, Marketing, Aussie




Pieces of content exported


Hours saved


Aussie’s marketing team supports more than 950 individual stakeholders, in fact, Aussie’s Central marketing team considers their number one stakeholder to be their brokers. The team’s core focus is to ensure brokers have the right tools and processes in place to promote and grow their business and have the right local area marketing resources. This needs to be done still adhering to Australian financial service compliance requirements and guidelines.

Aussie had an incumbent solution that they’d used for 10 years. As the Aussie brand grew, the time and cost to make seemingly small tweaks to collateral, such as changing phone numbers on a flyer or social tile, became an expensive and time consuming process. It required re-briefing to a designer, who had to take online assets offline and re-upload them. This resulted in slow turn arounds and frustrations from brokers.

In addition to this, Aussie had recently finalised a rebrand and a strong imperative was to protect and strengthen the brand and ensure consistent execution in the market, not an easy feat with hundreds of brokers wanting to do their own marketing in their local areas.


With time and experience you always realise there's always a better solution out there. You don't have to stick to what you have just because you've been with them for a long time.

Hannah Roy — Senior Manager, Marketing, Aussie


Aussie needed a solution to deliver:

  • An all-in-one offering to enable brokers to self-edit and create on-brand digital and print materials
  • Ease of use for brokers to make tweaks and changes to marketing collateral themselves
  • Flexibility to make changes and send to print or export for digital
  • Approval workflows to ensure compliance with Australian financial service regulations and guidelines
  • The ability to make changes without additional charges for every single small tweak
  • And support to ensure the users would be able to utilise the system with little help

The suite of templates developed for Aussie within Outfit is extensive. It ranges from email signatures, social tiles, business cards, Christmas and thank you cards, magnets, in-store flyers, stationery etc.

Outfit worked with Aussie to develop a custom “send to print” workflow which was the only missing piece in the puzzle and something now all Outfit client’s can utilise.

Outfit, or Aussie Create as it is coined internally, empowers brokers to localise the content they need to get their job done while remaining on brand, compliant with regulations and with no bottlenecks. The approvals workflow enables marketing to catch any issues before they’re in market, which not only protects the broker but also the wider Aussie brand.


We're receiving less complaints and there’s less reliance for ad hoc assets because the brokers can localise content themselves.

Hannah Roy — Senior Manager, Marketing, Aussie


Aussie is experiencing an array of benefits since onboarding Outfit.

The platform enables marketing to be more proactive to broker’s needs, rather than reactive like in the past. This is due to brokers having the ability to self-create content. This empowerment has seen a reduction in ad hoc collateral requests and, if a request does come in, and marketing feels it’s scalable and helpful, they will build it out in an Outfit template to deploy nationally.

There’s been a drastic reduction in content development time, this has resulted in much happier and empowered brokers who can now do what they do best - find the right loans for Aussies! Plus, the marketing team is getting their time back by no longer liaising between suppliers and internal stakeholders for small creative tweaks, edits and approvals.

Cost reductions are an added benefit, as creative change requests no longer need to go to an outsourced designer. Instead Outfit users can change imagery, copy and the colours used within their templates in minutes.

Finally, due to the approval workflows, the marketing team now knows every single piece of content is not only brand compliant, but grammatically correct and inline with Australia’s financial services regulations. They also have the added benefit of locking down certain elements of templates so brokers can only change specific parts, rather than the entire template. Something that provides incredible brand control and reach for the Aussie marketing team, resulting in far less off-brand material appearing on broker’s social media feeds!

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