Junior Front-End Developer

Brisbane, Australia

About the opportunity

In this web/template development role, you will be responsible for producing and maintaining templates for Outfit's internal brands, as well as for our wider clientele in response to development briefs and timelines.

In this web/template development role, you will work with the Customer Success team to propose creative solutions for template based problems, synthesise these solutions into briefs and scope these briefs in to the wider Template Development team.

In this web/template development role, you will work as a member of the Design team and work closely with the App Development to re-think existing processes and tools for the template development stack.

About you

  • You are a forward thinking designer/developer with a passion for web/app design, user experience and how these disciplines co-exist
  • You are constantly interested in the inner workings of web technology and how others solve complex problems with simple solutions
  • You are a customer-first problem solver and are always thinking about how you can better service clients
  • You are friendly and personable and appreciate the importance of building strong relationships with your co-workers
  • You are open to share personal projects and seek advise and critique from those around you.
  • You are intrepid and will endeavour to find a better (quicker) way to get a job done.
  • You’re a bit of a tech nerd and get excited about using technology to solve and streamline business challenges
  • You'll be as committed to excellence as the rest of the team

Extra Credit

  • A strong understanding of Javascript and a basic understanding of JSX languages (ie. React)
  • Experience in completing web projects from initial design conceptualisation, through to final deployment (and beyond)
  • Tertiary education or experience in graphic design

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and produce on-brand templates for a wide range of clientele, meeting the requirements of a brief within the required timeframes
  • Produce high quality, in-depth template scopes for both clients and auxiliary Outfit teams.
  • Through the use of project management skills, liaise and brief in templates to a range of remote template developers around the world
  • Produce high quality HTML/CSS/JS solutions to complex problems for the following:
  • Outfit website
  • Outfit templates
  • Template utilities and tools
  • Improve and maintain the Template Utilities Library
  • Create new utilities to improve the development of templates
  • Improve upon existing utilities and submit Pull Requests for review
  • Collaborate with the Design and Development teams on a range of design tasks for the Application
  • Actively participate in UI/UX design discussions for the improvement of a feature, or development of a new feature
  • Produce high quality UI wireframes demonstrating user flow

Mandatory qualifications and requirements

  • You have solid design sensibilities You understand how type works. You sweat balance, spacing and contrast. You have an interest in visual identity design, user interface design and information architecture; those areas of design with a focus on systems.
  • You’re an experienced front end developer Because you care about efficiency your workflow includes use of front end tooling. You care about semantics. You care about browser performance. You care about users.
  • You’re curious, you improve daily (and nightly) You might have an interest in generative / procedural design. You might like building small browser experiments or side projects, you might even like challenging yourself with a new dribbble/behance post every one or two days, just to try things out.


  • High-level proficiency in HTML and CSS to produce website/web apps
  • Medium-level proficiency in JS and the ability to write simple JS functions and implement a range of pre-existing JS libraries.
  • Medium to high-level proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly Illustrator and InDesign
  • Medium level proficiency in UI design and prototyping software (ie. Sketch, Figma, Invision)
  • Medium-level proficiency in web design and designing for the web
  • Medium level proficiency in applying Brand Guidelines to solutions
  • Medium level proficiency in G-Suite
  • Medium level proficiency in project management and delivery
  • Experience in delivering solutions to brief

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