Use effective brand architecture and heirarchy in content production

Execute with the confidence that comes from standardisation.

Empower the whole organisation to create on-brand content, no matter your brand architecture.

Brand integrity as a brand custodian

You have invested significant dollars in building your brand architecture and visual identity, controlled through your brand team. Unwittingly, stakeholders misuse the brand in their need to have the right collateral at the right time. When using Outfit, your guidelines are always applied to guarantee brand integrity.

How to ensure brand compliance

Brand management, dynamically

Traditional online brand guidelines treat the visual identity rules as a digital display system. Elements are still misused and guidelines ignored. We take brand guidelines to the next level. Outfit creates online brand guidelines used actively in all your collateral so no matter who is creating artwork, it is always on-brand. Our platform allows your brand architecture and brand hierarchy to be applied properly, with users only seeing the assets they need to.

Brand management solutions

Asset management

Outfit is DAM agnostic so that we can integrate with your existing digital asset management solution. If you don’t have a DAM, no worries, our asset library allows you to store, use, and share your brand assets centrally. Your brand hierarchy is applied systematically throughout the platform with branding assets assigned to teams and users accordingly.

Outfit’s Asset library and digital asset management

Brand control

Automated, on-brand, at scale for your brand architecture

Confidence through approvals

Approval workflows to match your existing processes

Empowered compliance

Ensure compliance without wielding a big stick

Approval workflows to suit your team

Putting collateral and document creation in the hands of users doesn’t exclude your team. Our approval workflow is built to match your brand workflow. We set up your approvals so you can ensure no content is in market without the necessary brand approvals dependent on your brand hierarchy.

Be sure with approval workflows

How our consistency works

The templates in Outfit allow the creation of materials using constraint-based templates of approved collateral, using HTML. Administrators can pre-determine the elements in each template, based on-brand architecture, that are customisable by those editing and authoring.

How you use inputs to make your life easier

De-risk your collateral creation

Organisations with complex legislative and regulatory compliance understand the pain and risk accompanying the use of the right terms and conditions and disclaimers. When using Outfit, brand custodians are confident users apply the right content through our central copy deck and approval process. Make sure none of your collateral ends up on this list!

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