We take our brand as seriously as we do our clients' brands. Here is a quick summary of how to use our assets, as well as a downloadable link.


Our logo is versatile and works in a range of colours, sizes and pairings. Our preferred usage is white on dark and red on white, but we understand that this won't be usable all of the time. Here is a list of approved logo colours.

We have included these variations in our brand asset pack.

Clear space is key

If it's on its own or with friends, please just give it some space. Our recommended clear space is to be equal to the x-height of the 'o'. Doing this will protect the logo from overcrowding.

Logo Usage

Our logo is a versatile specimen, however even it has its boundaries. Please respect these.

When utilising the logo on a dark background only utilise white, not light shades.

When on a more visually complex background like an image or certain pieces of abstract art, keep the contrast as high as possible. Stray away from lower contrast executions. We want that logo to pop.

Colour Palette

The expanded Outfit colour palette should be used in balance, with lots of white space to allow the colours and shapes to breathe. The Outfit Red should be no more than 20% of the screen or document and no less than 5%.


Our heading typeface is GT Walsheim, echoing our Outfit logo. Body copy is IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Mono is used in platform.

Cobranding Lockups

We love to play nicely with other brands. Depending on the aspect ratio and orientation of our partner logo we have a few different lockup guides.

  1. If the x-height of the partner wordmark fits closely to the x-height of our logo we aim to line them up nicely. Remember the clear space rules. (see the Red Hat logo example)
  2. If the x-height doesn't fit to our logo, however is still within a 2:1 ratio we aim to fit it to the height of our logo (see the Monash University logo example)
  3. If the logo borders on a square aspect ratio and into the portrait territory please align to the centre and take the width of our logo. Any higher? Please cap it at the height of the stroke (5x).

Co-branding lockups should be applicable on both light and dark surfaces. Please remember to utilise white for both the stroke, our logo and the reversed logo of our partner.

And lastly, when we are the primary partner our logo must always be on the right.