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The type of print documents produced through Outfit

Bek Agius — 28 December 2018


In any organisation, the high-churn work is the work that Designers hate doing and typically, the stuff that is the most important to our stakeholders. This is a universal truth that we see in most industries. When it comes to these tiny, uninspiring tasks for print jobs, the risk and cost associated increases dramatically.

The demand for these types of design tasks will never decrease but what we can do is try and absorb some of these inefficiencies through automation. To identify where we can both reduce the amount of tedious tasks that take up our designers' time and decrease the inefficiencies that occur in monotonous work, we first need to take a look at the types of print documents produced through Outfit easily.

Event Collateral

Let's say our events all have a certain ‘style’ that reflects our brand identity and that style is rolled out across 3 key pieces of collateral:


Table placeholders


We might give the look and feel a bit of a refresh each year with a new palette or texture but the collateral itself more or less stays the same. With Outfit, you can upload your CSV guest list into an input and export flowing PDFs for your guests in minutes.

The bonus is that the time and money saved in production, can now be invested in enhancing the overall experience for your event attendees in more meaningful and strategic ways.

Long-Form Documents

Whether we're talking single-page flyers or multi-page documents with a selection of optional sections, Outfit provides stakeholders with the appearance of creative freedom within a controlled environment.

Take a generic 1 or 2 page base and allow stakeholders to rearrange sections, define the number of pages, switch out images and even add a few on-brand colour themes. The outcome is a stack of unique documents all from 1 template.

Large Format Signage

Signage means different things to different organisations and as a result, signage poses different challenges to each.

For a Marketer within a franchise network, perhaps your challenge is providing a tool to your franchises to allow them to easily update their POS messaging and specials and then print the artwork onto their branded shells in-store in a quick timeframe.

For anyone requiring the production of uniform signage like branded banners or directional signage, perhaps it's allowing stakeholders to localise or change the direction of an arrow and easily send a large file to a signwriter that would provide you some relief.

Personalised Stationery

A tax on time that most of us can identify with is the new employee pack. A desk plate, business cards, HTML email signature and employee IDs usually have to be manually generated by a HR coordinator and these documents may then travel back a forth between managers in a flurry of panic to ensure the work is done before the new employee steps through the door.

With Outfit, employees can create and send their own collateral (via an approval workflow). The best part is that they can use these same templates to re-order supplies in the future!

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