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How can my real estate agency marketing be more efficient?

Bek Agius — 24 September 2018


The real estate industry is becoming increasingly competitive and fast-paced. No one in a real estate agency knows this better than those on the front line - the agents themselves and their administration staff.

The increased pressure and resulting workload on agents and agent admin staff often occurs without any increase in budget for additional staff or resources.

With stress levels ebbing and flowing alongside strict KPIs in a volatile market, the responsibility rests on the shoulders of those employees who are already over-capacity to search for [cost-effective] efficiencies within their agencies.

The search for systems and processes to increase efficiencies becomes the responsibility of agency administration staff for a number of reasons. The most common are that these people are most impacted by the efficiencies (or inefficiencies), they are highly scrutinised on their performance and value to the business and they are also constantly looking for opportunities to prove they are adding something meaningful to the organisation that they are so invested in.

The options here are fairly straightforward:

a) Work a lot of unpaid overtime and never sleep OR
b) Invest in technology solutions and develop a stack to increase efficiencies

We are all driven to prove ourselves

Taking a step back from the real estate sector and looking at overall employee motivation trends, we know that among the most consistent motivators for performance are the prevalence of opportunity for an employee to prove their value within their organisation and then, to what extent this is recognised by management. We all want to feel like our work is important and for others around us to acknowledge that we’re doing a great job - revolutionary information?

Not so much.

Most of us are also aware that more and more organisations are encouraging the introduction of emerging technology-based solutions to increase efficiency, transparency and collaboration in the workplace.

So we know there is an underlying desire for a real estate empire to increase efficiencies. We also know that those on the front line are most likely to benefit the most from increased efficiencies.

What better way to both create efficiencies in the day-to-day life of a swamped real estate professional, improve performance transparency for management, and prove the direct impact of your efforts to the rest of your organisation by stepping into the marketing production automation space to find a scalable technology solution?

Outfit: the ideal addition to your real estate tech stack

I know it seems too good to be true, but stay with me.

Imagine, instead of sending a formal request to marketing or design for a new piece of marketing collateral, spending countless hours emailing back and forward until the information is correct and the design is perfect - imagine instead, you had a dynamic library of branded templates with multiple themes that you could customise safely and then export and use immediately.

Instead of waiting for Karen from Marketing to come back from lunch to make your changes, create your own pieces and have them to the printer the same day.

We know that the real estate industry is fast paced and highly reactive, so why should your day-to-day marketing production process be any different?


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