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MediaValet X Outfit: Powerful DAM meets Instant Content Creation

Emma Downham — 26 November 2021


Marketing leaders and their teams face challenges on a number of fronts, foremost among them, the need to deliver on-brand customer experiences across a growing number of channels with more personalisation, empathy, speed and agility than ever before.

Digital, social and print channels call for greater output, more consistently, encompassing more elements than we’ve ever had to produce. Around three-quarters of all marketing teams estimate they’re creating 10 times the number of assets today that they needed to produce just a few years ago.

At the same time, marketers are working in smaller teams with budgets that have shrunk over the past decade even as the demands of internal stakeholders have increased, keeping cost and productivity front-of-mind.

So how can you keep the content wheel spinning without letting your designers burnout? You use technology.

What technology is best to solve your off-brand content challenges?

The best technology to solve your brand management challenges is a combination of a Digital Asset Management platform (DAM) and a brand management and templating platform.

What is Outfit?

Outfit is a brand management, templating and creative automation platform that will empower your teams to self-create content at scale, at speed and on-brand. Our platform is used by organisations across the globe, such as Lendlease, Australian National University and Flight Centre, to create flyers, social tiles, guides, signage  - practically anything that needs to be designed. To learn more about Outfit and how brand templating works, see this page.

What is MediaValet?

MediaValet is an enterprise Digital Asset Management system in the cloud. It’s a central repository for your entire organisation to store and share documents and content from. By using MediaValet, organisations improve:

  • Speed to market: as there’s less challenge locating campaign elements,
  • Reduce asset requests: as searching for assets is simplified,
  • Improve brand consistency: as stakeholders only have access to approved assets from within the DAM
  • Increase ROI on created content as the entire organisation has one source of truth.

Integrating MediaValet and Outfit

The integration facilitates a quick and easy way to create on-brand collateral at scale, without the need for a complex design experience.

By using user-friendly templates in Outfit, and pulling in approved assets from MediaValet, there’s a significantly reduced chance of off-brand materials ending up in the market.

The platforms connect via an API call - allowing you to pull your on-brand images from MediaValet directly into your Outfit templates.

To understand the full MediaValet X Outfit integration features, see this page.

Give MediaValet and Outfit a try

Ready for a custom demo to see exactly how the two platforms will create brand consistency magic for your organisation? Fill in the form below for a custom demo, or click here to read more about the integration.

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