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How does Outfit's open API work?

Bek Agius — 23 October 2018


We believe in the power of a perfectly tailored tech stack, mainly because we know that while many software companies claim to do everything, generally the best solutions are those that do one thing well.

It will come as no surprise then, that Outfit's favourite place to be is right in the heart of your marketing technology stack. We love to take imagery and data from your existing software and feed it into your branded documents in Outfit to give you more power through on-brand templates!

We also love to export your finished artwork into places that make it easier for your stakeholders to send, your customers to find, and your marketers to track their success.

How does Outfit integrate?

You may have heard us mention that we have an open API, but what does that mean for your business?

Our open API essentially allows us to provide open access to the developers of the software platforms you'd like to integrate Outfit with, to create specialised connections that empower your tech stack to grow into a fully fledged workflow.

There are typically 2 types of integration:

i) Those that pull data into documents or
ii) Those that you export your documents to

What types of software can I integrate?

The most common types of complementary software our customers connect Outfit to are:

  • Digital Asset Management systems
    Anywhere you currently store your shared images. Generally these facilitate permissions, approvals and have a folder structure that is logical to your organisation.
  • Customer Relationship Management systems
    If you have detailed sales or customer data you'd like to use in your documents to create more customised material, we can pull it from a range of CRM's.
  • Communications systems
    Want to push that HTML email to a database of customers? Want to automatically push that document into a customer nurture track? No problem! Allow your stakeholders to customise a professional document in our restraints-based templates and push them into your communications systems to ensure the success of communications is monitored.
  • Single Sign On Authentication systems
    Ok, think Google OAuth or SAML - any time you're faced with a login screen and you're prompted to either remember your details, or log-in with Google. We can integrate with any system that allows your IT specialists to distribute and revoke permissions.
  • Social Media Platforms
    To increase the efficiency of your digital team, we can connect to multiple social media accounts to allow the direct export of your templated creative.

For some inspiration on where to start with Outfit as part of your tech stack, take a look at our integrations page.

What's so special about an open API?

The major difference between an organisation with a takeout menu of standard integrations versus Outfit's open API is that we wipe the slate clean every time.

We understand that the way your organisation uses your software differs from the way your neighbour uses it. We understand that your organisation may have invested in the Platinum Mega Ultra You-Beaut Package (you get where I'm going with this) while Jim's Marketing probably bought the off-the-shelf edition of the same program.

It is because of this gap that we spend quality time working with your team to scope the unique needs and pain points Outfit will solve. We want to get well acquainted with what software they use, how they use it, and which ones, if integrated with Outfit, would increase the efficiency of their workflow in way that has the most impact.



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