Outfit and IntelligenceBank announce new integration to enhance and support marketing efficiencies

Tim Brown — 17th March 2021

To further enhance and support enterprise organisation’s marketing efficiency and brand compliance needs, Outfit is excited to announce a new integration partnership with fellow Aussie business IntelligenceBank - a leading DAM and Marketing Operations platform.

Key benefits to joint customers: 
  • Content created within Outfit is exported and stored in IntelligenceBank’s DAM - meaning one, central location for the entire business to access on-brand creative
  • Images stored within the IntelligenceBank DAM are easily accessible to use from within Outfit’s platform. The images dynamically update between the two systems ensuring the latest content is always used
  • Expired assets do not show in Outfit so newly created content will never use the wrong creative
  • Outfit’s user friendly templating solution ensures all content created by anyone in your team (admin staff, sales, ops, marketing etc) is on brand due to criteria and rules set by you 

IntelligenceBank’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform now easily connects with Outfit’s Brand Automation and Templating software. 

This means organisations have a single source of truth to house and share up-to-date assets with teams and suppliers. But, now with the connection to Outfit, they also have the capability to enable their teams to create on-brand content themselves—no more backlogs in the marketing department to feed the ever-demanding content machine—and pass it back to the IntelligenceBank DAM to easily store and share.

"We are very excited about the Outfit Connector to IntelligenceBank. For customers who use both products this is a seamless way to ensure end-to-end compliance, from creative brief, online brand guideline management and content approvals in IntelligenceBank, to self production of on-brand content in Outfit’s automation platform,” says Tessa Court, CEO IntelligenceBank 

“This partnership further empowers businesses to have their brand assets at their fingertips, keep their brand consistent and make the lives of their teams easier. For us, that’s a win. It’s wonderful to partner with IntelligenceBank to bring the power of their DAM and the power of our Brand Automation and Templating Solution together for the benefit of our customers,” says Bruce Stronge, CEO, Outfit.  

It’s essentially every large organisation’s dream - one large, functional location to store all of your assets and quickly deploy - no more searching the drive and using old or potentially off-brand creative because the latest is dynamically updated within IntelligenceBank. 

To learn more about how your business can benefit from connecting your Outfit account with IntelligenceBank, please contact us today. 

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