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Outfit: A Year in Review

Ash Thompson — 15 December 2017


What a year. We have released some amazing features into Outfit in 2017 and we wanted to give you a wrap up of our favourites in one place!

Because we are innovating every day, at times we forget just how far we’ve come since our inception in 2013, and even in the past year. With this in mind, and on the anniversary of 12 months in our new head office in South Brisbane, we thought we’d take the opportunity to indulge ourselves a little in some hard-earned reminiscing.

Campaign Material

The way Outfit organises documents is through Projects, so it’s no surprise we spent a bunch of our time this year optimising the way Projects work. The first item on the list was a big one - Project Kits. The point for marketing departments was simple - during campaigns, create a collection of templates relevant to that campaign, for users to pull into their own team environment to get tailored campaign material out the door faster.

Once these kits hit the platform, we learned that the way a large organisation or university uses a kit is different to the way a franchise network does. This fuelled our updated version of Project Kits, allowing a user to roll out a kit to 1 or multiple teams in an account and create projects in these environments simultaneously.

User Support and Training

Prior to 2017, support for users was limited to mainly in-app pop ups and basic 'how to' material found in the help section on Outfit website. Our users relied heavily on administrators for direction on how to get the most out of their templates.

Based on the fact that we knew users would go on a journey of discovery once in the app, and feel empowered by being the champions of Outfit, we developed the Training Area. The Training Area is a designated section of Outfit that can be accessed from any page within the app. Admins can update this section easily and store simple help articles or more complex ones containing image, video and links to build comprehensive guides on specific templates and functionality.

To point users to the Training Area, Project Kits and links external to Outfit, we also created Featured Slides. These slides live in prime position at the top of the Projects page. They are used to promote important information or updates with customised artwork.


A large part of the value Outfit provides to our clients is the ability for widely distributed users to self service. For our university clients, the balance in that value is for a central marketing team to govern this process more efficiently. Knowing this was a challenge, we solved the problem with the release of a two level approval process, allowing department/faculty/location managers to provide approval as content experts, leaving only a superficial quality check requirement for central marketing.

The best part? All of these workflows are also easier to keep track of with our new Notification Centre!


A commercially significant update for our big brand and University clients has been our focus on integrations in 2017. Outfit now integrates with Asset Bank, Salesforce and many single sign-on platforms used by Australian universities.

This gives our users the option to create a seamless transition between the systems they use every day and utilise their choice of either the Outfit Asset Library or their existing Asset Bank Library when editing their templates.


To allow users to utilise the Outfit Asset Library as their central image repository, we made a few sneaky adjustments you may not have noticed. Users can now download images directly from the central Asset Library as well as pulling images into templates.

We also took some insight from a combination of our users that are highly restricted on asset upload versus those who are permitted to upload assets into Outfit. Template variations can now be locked down to ensure that users can upload images to low-risk or low-resolution templates but for high resolution print or signage templates, they must select from a list of approved central assets.

These assets can also be grouped according to a tag so that only specific images can be used in specific templates for consistent image theming.

Smart Collaboration Features

While Outfit is designed to foster collaboration within a team environment, we are also very aware that safeguards are necessary to help with brand governance. The version control feature easily displays changes made to a document and gives you the ability to rollback to previously saved iterations in one place.

Admin Features

For those in charge of pioneering, reporting and governing the use of Outfit, there were some neat new features added to make your life easier and more colourful!

The addition of the ♥ Your Brand area means that the comprehensive details of your brand colours and primary and secondary logos are beautifully presented in a central location of Outfit. This feature also enables easy rollout of new logos and colours as they inform all of the templates in Outfit.

After spending lots of quality time with our Admin users, we also added a swish new Reports page with loads more granular information on your most active Users and Teams as well as key data on popular templates and general activity.

See, a lot can change in a year!

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