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More than brand compliance

Kate Elizabeth — 13 May 2019


Much of the focus on compliance within a marketing team comes from within the framework of brand.

Businesses that work within the additional boundaries of regulatory and legislative compliance, however, have added considerations of compliance that need to work alongside the more predictable brand compliance.

Verticals like financial services, health and wellbeing and education, have additional regulatory and legislative frameworks they need to consider.

And all businesses, regardless of additional compliance, need to remain compliant with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Let's look at some of the key areas of compliance Outfit supports, and how we do that for large and complex businesses operating in complex environments.

Disclaimers, terms and conditions.

Marketers, and legal, know the devil is in the detail.

We need precise terms and conditions and disclaimers for our advertising, promotions and marketing. Start and end dates of the promotion are the simple pieces. The fine print, the interest rates, redemption details, Product Disclosure Statements, the different terms dependent on location and other offers, partners and even prices are more intricate components often needing to work together.

Disclaimers and terms and conditions become complex and are vital to protect the customer and the company.

Bakers Delight terms and conditions pulling through automatically and customisable based on promotion and location.

Outfit allows the automated application of the right terms and conditions dependent on your promotion and template. It means that the creators of the documents don't need to write the terms and conditions and disclaimers, and depending on how you would like your templates built, the right disclaimer pulls through for the right campaign via automated inputs.

You can use inputs to centrally store your terms and conditions for your regular campaigns, ensure they are current and apply them dynamically to your creative.


The Outfit platform allows for the creation and use of 'snippets' - core pieces of content that are required to be on every piece of collateral but outside the specific promotional terms and conditions. These can be updated across all templates once because they are centrally controlled.

Identifiers and contact details

Whether you are a university needing to ensure your CRICOS code is always present on your marketing collateral, or a broker identifier code and contact details are always included in your artwork, Outfit guarantees your compliance.

Based on user login details and location, these details can populate automatically through the Outfit platform, so your users don't even need to remember to update them.


Multi-tier? Multi-team? Our approval workflow is built to match your brand and marketing workflow. We set up your approvals so you can ensure no content is in market without the necessary approvals.

You can be confident your employees are applying the brand guidelines through Outfit by implementing an approval workflow. We set up approvals so you can ensure no collateral is in market without the necessary checks.


It's a small thing, but for marketers working every day with disclaimers and well aware of the ACCC's view on legibility, the platform automatically applies minimum font sizes that can't be modified by users, so you are always compliant. Your brand and design teams can even apply different font sizes based on audiences for the different templates within the system.

Right promotions at the right times

Because you have central control over the availability of your templates and projects and project kits, you always have the right promotions available at the right times. It means you can show or hide conflicting promotions, short-term promotions, emergency detergency promotions, local campaigns and national campaigns.

Audit trails for peace of mind

When you work in a highly regulated industry with detailed guidelines around marketing and advertising, you often need to be able to demonstrate your compliance, or very occasionally, identify where and how a gap was created. Outfit enables you to investigate and supply a log in the instance you need to audit your practices.

Because the assets are produced in the platform you don't need to worry about anyone using an old, saved template on their hard drive - the central control of the brand and production means that Outfit is about more than brand compliance, the platform ensures you meet your legislative and regulatory requirements as they relate to marketing and advertising.

Now that's #winning.

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