In Review - Design Disruptors Brisbane Screening

Ash Thompson — 16th August 2016


What do you get when you throw together one amazing film, a bunch of super keen Brisbane creatives, a stack of name badges, a little beer (thanks UQ!), oh and not to mention a pretty kick ass expert panel?

You get Design Disruptors Brisbane and it went down a treat!

Our very own Felix Lee from Netengine decided he wasn’t going to wait around for anyone to deliver a screening of Design Disruptors and so we decided to do it ourselves.

With the help of UQ we filled the stunning GHD Auditorium full of the amazing creative community in Brisbane, and the Invision film did not disappoint. Covering broad strokes of design, user experience, a pinch of technical knowledge and a lot of inspiration Invision told a wonderful story about the relationship between designer and user. They even got a sneaky cameo from Papyrus font in there, this film had it all. 

Our fav quotes from the night:

“When design is embedded in a business, you arrive at a place where it just feels like oxygen.“

“Design is about every touch point a customer has with your service.”

“Design less and less for yourself and more for other people.”

“Push it until it breaks.”

Our expert panel was made up of the powerhouse that is Matt Haynes from the Design Conference, seasoned UI/UX pro Alex Nagavi from Josephmark and the insightful and intuitive Dr Stephen Viller from UQ. Although Ash threw everything the audience could muster, and by everything we mean a bunch of twitter questions, we could not break their endless knowledge banks. The panel was a fantastic wrap to the evening, giving the audience a link back to our very own design community here in Brisbane, and how we can continue to foster the right approach to user centric design. 

Thank you to our support partners for the evening, and a special thanks to UQ for generously providing such an amazing venue to showcase the film in, without you we would have been projecting the film up against a white wall somewhere in The Valley. 

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