How We Produced 15 Display Ads in Two Minutes

David Barzilay — 5th December 2016

We’ve recently endured the process of creating a suite of web ads for our latest digital campaign and with our new iterations to the Multi-edit feature. With this we’ve been able to halve the already drastically shorter time it takes with Outfit to create a full suite of collateral from go to everyone stop with the feedback already!

Now we can edit all documents together switching between a multi - edit to a single document screen. This means we can customise individual documents with ease (and speed).

For this campaign we used Google’s Display Network, so we had a list of about 15 different document sizes that we needed to create. The following is the entire process that we went through, featuring our new and improved multi-edit workflow that makes the editing process a thousand times easier.

Firstly we created a Project and added all the relevant documents (ie. Leaderboard, Half Page, MREC, Skyscraper, etc). We then selected all the documents and clicked Edit (). The documents that we edited together are referred to as a selection, all documents within this specific selection share the same inputs.

So when we populated the Headline, it updated on every document. We repeated the process with all the other common inputs (eg. Subheading and Call to Action).

At this stage we started to get a fair idea of how content was reacting for certain formats, however small adjustments were needed to polish each format. Enter our new Multi-edit improvement feature!

You may have noticed that within each Document’s toolbar there is now the option to Edit (). By clicking this you will be able to specifically edit the inputs of that document, without affecting the other documents in the selection.

We used this single edit feature it to change the font sizes of the headline, subheading and call to action to enhance the positioning of these elements at the varying document sizes.

Once we were happy with the font sizes for the single document, we clicked Edit All Documents to return to our original workspace. The original documents were left untouched and the recently updated document reflecting the changes we just made.

Hit the Export button and we’re done! - 15 display ads, ready to go in two mins and one new feature, ready for production.

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