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How can agencies accelerate creative production?

Dan Rowell — 5 October 2015


“All approved… But could you please just change the call to action to “Buy Now”, oh and it needs ‘Terms and Conditions Apply’ across all of the banners.”

Sounds familiar?

How often does this happen at your agency? Typically it’s a few hours leading up to the material deadline and your studio is backlogged.

Imagine if one of your Client Service team staff or Producers could simply make the changes and render out all the updated files in a few easy steps. Or better yet, the client could do this themselves (with managed permissions of course).

‘A few minor text changes’ on some display banners or eDM can involve up to three staff members and turn a profitable job into a loss. With budgets shrinking and a bigger emphasis on delivering ROI back to your clients, agencies must be seeking a sustainable competitive advantage to help them streamline their creative production process.

Enter Outfit. A cloud-based platform that optimises the production of digital and print marketing materials, saving your agency time and money whilst not compromising the integrity of the creative output.

Outfit’s key strength is allowing users with no design skills to easily make multiple changes to marketing materials at scale. Need to change the button or background colour on a full set of display banners? Simple, with Outfit you can select all of the banners, change one variable and export all of the creative with a single click. A task that would require a designer - to open multiple photoshop or indesign files - and interactions with producers and client service, now only requires an account coordinator to edit and resave a client’s work and close a job quicker.

Our goal at Outfit isn’t to replace the role of creative agencies, but rather to help streamline the marketing production process and allow Agencies to spend more time on Strategy and deliver a superior creative product, not worrying about having enough budget allocated for inevitable client revisions.

Below I’ve listed three real-world examples of how Outfit can offer cost-effective solutions to its users and deliver high-value back to Creative and Digital Agencies.

Agency Scenario (A)

Your client is a national retailer with a strong ecommerce presence in a highly competitive industry where prices may drop and creative must be quickly updated to match a competitor’s sale price.

Outfit Solution (A)

You’ve already got a set of previously approved Google Display banners, Facebook Sponsored posts and Website Rotator banners with the product and price loaded into your Outfit project. One of your staff members can log into the project, select all of the banners that require updating, click on the price on the sidebar menu, update to the new discounted price and render the creative in seconds. You can now share the public link with your client where they can download the revised banners, or you can download and send back to the client for approval. Simple and you don’t have to pull your designer off what they’re working on or even involve your Studio or Production Manager!

Agency Scenario (B)

A client’s keynote speaker has changed at their annual conference. All Event collateral is due at the printers and the website also needs to be updated to reflect the change.

Outfit Solution (B)

You’ve already produced your Design templates in your Outfit event project; simply select all the collateral that needs updating. This could be anything from pull-up banners, website landing page, web banners, event timetables, eDMs, and screen holders. Once you’ve selected the event collateral, you can swap the speaker’s name for the replacement speaker, save and quickly render all of the new files. Outfit uses HTML and CSS technology, so the changes can be pushed live directly from our platform. No need to take up your developers’ time with small content changes. Share the files with your client or with the printer via a public link or download and send via email. Fast and simple!

Agency Scenario (C)

A client wants to review the content of their marketing flyers and make revisions.

Outfit Solution (C)

Rather than exporting the content and sharing it in a word document or Google Docs, you can share the assets via an Outfit public link and they can make content changes to the documents, save and render them out themselves. Depending on the access level assigned to your client, the changes can be updated in the master Outfit document (Author access), eliminating the need for double-handling; or they can create a copy of the Outfit document with their own content (Guest access). By assigning the proper access levels, you can ensure that your client is ONLY able to make content changes and can’t go ahead and make their logo double the size!

Book a FREE DEMO, if you’d like to learn more about how Outfit can save your Agency time and money by streamlining your creative production process.

About the Author:

Dan Rowell currently operates a Brisbane-based branding & marketing agency, DSR Branding. He spent five years working in a creative agency as a Brand Strategist and Account Manager, and has a sharp business nous in which he focuses on ensuring creative projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. As a senior business leader in his past agency, Dan appreciates the importance of ensuring all projects remain profitable and win-win for all parties. “The thing that attracted me to work here at Outfit is how this groundbreaking software is revolutionising the marketing production process. Creative agencies and clients simply love how they can reproduce high-volume marketing material whilst always maintaining brand consistency and control.” High-volume marketing production should be simple, efficient and consistent. With the easy-access to offshore creative, local agencies need to be smarter with how they manage the marketing production process. Outfit offers a cost-effective solution that allows the agency to optimise the production and changes processes, freeing up resources for creative output and brand strategy.

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