Foxtel Now (Opinion Piece)

Ash Thompson — 13th July 2017

Creative Agency - Maud
Client - Foxtel

Last month Foxtel joined the ranks of the debranded brands; dropping shiny bevels, capital letters and burnt orange gradients from their logo and injecting some 'airbnb orange' into their brand.
My first glance of the new brand was on a bus shelter billboard. The photography caught my eye. Frankie from Wentworth occupied half of the ad space and I was intrigued by the shot. Wentworth isn’t a hugely mainstream show in the scheme of things and I was wondering who was sinking their hard earned marketing spend into a slightly left of centre show?
Of course! The one and only Foxtel, but with a new brand.
And oh…is that what they went with? I was a little confused.
I said I was confused, but am I surprised? No. Was this the right direction? Time will tell.
Inevitably with the rise of competitors like Netflix, it is crucial for brands like Foxtel to stay relevant, but not at the mercy of losing authenticity in my humble opinion.
I’m being a little cynical yes, but then I thought about it a little harder, and thought about the trend that is happening to these big brands. The 'gotham effect', the 'debrand', the ‘us too’ stance. It was a timely rebrand, absolutely. Am I convinced this is the best concept and execution? Definitely not.
Have they lost their soul a little, the thing that makes them ‘foxtel’? Yeah, I think so.
On the contrary, now was definitely the right time to make the change. The company was risking coming too late to the party, teetering on the edge of being dragged into the new age of on-demand content rather than at least, sorta voluntarily.
I’ll get used to it in a month or two I know, just like I did with Suncorp and Australia Post.
I’ll leave you to ponder it with the old and new below:




Credit to: Foxtel for use of current and superceeded logos. 

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