5 Things You Need Before You Implement Outfit

Ash Thompson — 19th February 2018

Not sure if you are ready to implement Outfit? We've created a quick list below that will get you well on your way to brand automation! 

1. A Style Guide

One of the most crucial parts of the Outfit process is taking a good hard look at your style guide, so it's safe to say you will need one of these to get started. It doesn't need to be too long and detailed, but the more direction, the more we will be able to template directly from the guidelines. There are a few great examples here.

2. Template Priorities

When you decide to automate your marketing with Outfit, it's an exciting time! So you'll want to start templating everything! In the first few weeks we sit down with your team and make sure we are all clear on what materials will make the most impact to the widest group. Make sure you're thinking about which pieces, like Posters, DL Flyers and Social Media templates, are a quick win for everyone! 

3. A Test Group

When we start rolling out Outfit in your organisation it is important that we have a test group ready to go once the template build is complete. It's ideal for this group to be made up of various roles in your organisation as well as users that come from different parts. For example it would be great to have a team member from your marketing team, content team, someone who is out in the field or a belongs to a faculty. If you run a franchise business, involving franchisees who are doing extremely well with their LAM efforts is always a great idea. We also recommend you think about including some of your franchisees that you would like to assist in this area.

4. Clear Approval Process

Outfit offers comprehensive approval chains with two level approval processes and efficient feedback loops, however the approval process is only as good as the users in charge of it. It is best to choose team members who are directly involved in marketing and brand efforts so they know exactly what they need to offer feedback on and what is appropriate for your brand. On the other hand, if content is a focus, it is best to include a content expert also and not just a design eye.

5. Goals

This is the exciting one! Outfit won't change your brand governance instantly, but over weeks and months you will start to notice a significant difference in quality of your marketing efforts, efficiency and cost saving. Knowing exactly what you are aiming for helps us to focus our efforts and align them with your goals. You may want complete brand consistency and 100% compliance with your style guide. Or faster turnaround times on materials. Whatever your goals, if they are clear, Outfit can help you achieve them.

If you think you are ready to take a look at Outfit, shoot us a demo request and we can take you through the platform or take a look at the Red Hat case study to see how we helped to automate a billion dollar brand.

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