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5 Minutes with Matt Haynes

Ash Thompson — 7 December 2017


Recently Ash took five with Matt Haynes from The Design Conference to talk design, baseball and keeping it all moving.

Tell me about baseball
Baseball runs deep in my family’s blood. My grandfather, father and uncle were heavily involved in South Australian Baseball. When I lived down there in 91' and 92' (my parents separated in 86'), I began a career that went through to 2005. While I experienced many amazing things as a sportsman, I am most grateful for the people I met, the opportunities I was provided with and the many challenges I endured, all of which, made me the person I am today — adventurous, ambitious and open-minded.

What did you totally stuff up at TDC last year, and how are you making it amazing next year?
This is a funny question because in reading the event feedback, the answer was unexpected. Our event is programmed to feature a range of hands on side activities between each session. The problem is the activities are so damn good, that the FOMO we generate translates to people skipping their lunch! So going forward, we’ve decided to start the event an hour earlier at 11am, so we can add an extra 30 minutes to the first break at 1pm to allow for relaxing, designated lunch break - and if all goes to plan, lunch may also be included as part of the event fees.

What impact do you feel you are having on the design community in Brisbane - do you feel you are nailing it?
As an influencing body, we’ve come to learn it's our role to nurture the next generation of creatives. In 2018 we’re excited to launch another branch of The Design Conference, designed strictly for high school students aged 15-17 years. The aim is to paint a vivid picture of the industry: who we are, what we do and the diverse pathways available within. And in doing so, we expect to build better classroom environments, educational outcomes and career opportunities for Queensland’s graduates. Essentially, our approach to Queensland’s creative economy is to start with the foundation. It worked for Drake.

If you could automate anything in your life what would it be?
I am excited about the idea of autonomous cars. Can you imagine: hopping in your car on Friday afternoon after work, reclining in your favourite comfy clothes and waking up in a destination up to 1000kms away, as if you teleported in your sleep - that sounds amazing to me.

Favourite creative human you are loving on right now?
Dean Poole is an exceptional human. I resonate with a lot of what he has to say and share.

Biggest success to date?
It is really hard to depict success with one single act / outcome / interaction. Each success stands atop the shoulders of the first. With that concept in mind, I am stoked that I was born. Talk about right place, right time 😉 !

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